Risk of Overwatch

This is a PvE Game mode Heavily inspired by Risk of Rain 2

Find the teleporter; Defeat the boss; go to the next stage; Repeat!

Eliminate enemies to gain items; be careful! the longer the game goes; the stronger the enemies become!

Go solo or go as a team of 4!

Hero Ability

Ability Name Description Cooldown
Dash Dashes you in the direction you are facing; goes through enemies and has invincibility frames 15 seconds
Cloak Launches you slightly upwards and makes you invisible to enemies for 5 seconds 15 seconds
Heal Pack Heals in a 10 meter radius for 5 seconds; scales with max health 12 seconds
Scrap Drone Spawns a Scrap Drone that fires the enemy you are aiming at for 8 seconds; then Explodes 20 seconds
Jade Burst Fires Three Rounds of Projectiles 8 seconds
Haste Increase movespeed by 30% for 3 seconds 15 seconds
Health Wager Sacrifice 25% of your Health for 50% Damage for 3 seconds 15 seconds

Regular Items

Item Base Stats Additional Stacks
Armour Plate Adds 50 Armour to player +50 Armour per stack
Crimson Cow Adds 20% Movement speed to player +10% Movement Speed per stack
Serrated Dagger Adds 20% Attack Damage to player +20% Attack Damage per stack
Soul Burn Enemies Explode When killed; Damages 20 over time for 3 seconds in a 4 meter radius 2 Damage per stack, 1 Meter per Stack
Regen Bandage Adds 5 passive regen to player +5 passive regen per stack
Icicle Spear 2.5% Chance to freeze enemies on hit +2.5% Chance per stack
Ammo Amplifier 20% max ammo (Alternate effect +5% Damage) +20% ammo per stack (+5% Damage per Stack)
Resin Explosive 2.5% Chance on hit; Attach a bomb that explodes after 2 seconds or when the enemy is killed +2.5% chance per stack, +2 Damage per Stack
Truffle Treasure When out of combat; Heal yourself for 25% max Health; 3 Sec CD -0.1 sec CD per Stack, Max CD - 0.5 sec
Aero Accelerant Increases projectile speed by 10% +10% per Stack

Ancient Items

Item Base Stats Additional Stacks
Ancient Shield Adds 100 Shields to player +100 Shields per stack
Relic Scope 2.5% Chance to deal 100 damage when hitting an enemy +2.5% Chance per stack
Mossy Moth Wing Jump 50% higher +25% Jump Height per stack
Arcane Pendant Heal 50 hp when killing an enemy +50 heal on kill
Vintage Knuckleduster When damaged; deal 20 hp back to the enemy (0.25 cd) +20 damage

Boss Souls

Soul Base Stats Additional Stacks
Guardian Soul Stuns Enemies in a 5 Meter area around you when reloading +2 Meters
Moth Soul 2.5% Chance to Lightining Strike nearby enemies +2.5% Chance per stack
Warden Soul 20% Increased healing +20% increased healing
Marble Soul 30% increased damage for 3 seconds after killing an enemy +30% damage
Gentisitc Soul +5 health on killing an enemy; 100 Health Cap +100 Max Cap


Altar Description Chance to appear
Teleporter Defeat the boss here to go to the next stage Guarenteed every stage
Queens Challenge Activate to get extra items when defeating the boss; but the boss gets stronger Guarenteed every stage
Summoning Altar Summon enemies with an increased chance to drop items Guaranteed every stage
Gamble Altar Activate for a random effect! Guarenteed every stage
Treasure Altar Activate to gain an regular item 66% Chance to Spawn
Ancient Altar Activate to gain an ancient item 33% Chance to Spawn
Cryptic Altar ????? Every 5 stages

Altered Realities

Reality Description
Reality of Revival You can Revive your Teammates
Reality of Exoticity Random Enemies spawn each stage
Reality of Harmony Only one type of enemy will spawn each stage
Reality of Hinder Abilities are Disabled
Reality of Change Players change hero every stage
Reality of Evolution All Enemies now have sub-classes
Reality of Corruption All Regular Enemies are now corrupted
Reality of Teamwork If Anyone Dies; you lose the game
Reality of Supplies Every Stage; Enemies will pick up a random item
Reality of Swarm Doubles Enemies, but halves their health
Reality of Dwarf You are Small
Reality of Shifting Player Ability is randomised each stage

Item Drop Rate

Enemy Type Drop Rate
Regular 20% Drop Rate
Corrupted 33% Drop Rate
Guardian 50% Drop Rate
Debt Collector No Drops
Minions 20% Drop Rate
Boss 1 Drop for Each player

Enemy Waves

Player Count Drop Rate
Single 1-4 Enemies
Duo 2-5 Enemies
Trios 3-6 Enemies
Squad 4-7 Enemies


Enemy Class Behavior
Horde Walks to player and swings mace
Tank Will Walk Towards player; Charges to enemy location if off cd
Glass Flys at a distance from the player and fires rockets
Horde Walks to player and hammers you; can overload and charge at you
Tank Walks towards player; will try to heal when below 25% health
Glass Stays still; will try to headshot you every 3 seconds; has an aiming beam when she is scoped
Horde Walks to player firing his shotguns
Tank Will try to jump on you; if he lands on you; you are stunned for 0.5 secs, Fires his telsa beam when you are close
Glass Will fire at a distance
Minion Will Relentlessly pursue you; very small and very fast; low damage
Minion Will Relentlessly pursue you; very small and very fast; low damage; will slam


Boss Name Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3
The Metal Guardian Fires a Salvo of rockets at players Explodes for 20% max health; damages themselves Transforms into a turret
The Moth Queen Fires Lighting Strikes at random players Summons moths to fight When under half health; Awaken and increase fire rate
The Warframe Warden Fires a barrage of firestrikes Fires Freezing silos at random players TerraSurge
The Marble Majesty No Machine guns; fires a pulse that damages all enemies in radius Summons mini marbles Fires mines on the point
The Otkau Geneticist Fires non-homing Ki Blasts at a random player Teleports then knocks down nearby Heroes Charges an evil Spirit bomb; Explodes for massive damage

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What do Altered Realities Do?

Altered Realities are gameplay modifications that Change the Way the game is played; you can find them in the workshop settings; you can also see if they are enabled in the lobby

My Game Keeps Crashing? How do i fix?

If the Game Keeps Crashing, One Way to help is to reduce the Number of enemies by reducing enemy max spawn; this reduces the amount of bots that can be in the game at once.

I Found A Bug? How do i contact you?

You can either leave a comment here; or you can join my discord server;

Players | 1 - 4
Categories: Survival, PvE
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Mauga, Orisa, and 34 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.7.7


Use Ability
Activate Teleporters and Other interactable
Use Ability
Activate Teleporters and Other interactable
Use Ability
Activate Teleporters and Other interactable
Use Ability
Activate Teleporters and Other interactable
Use Ability
Activate Teleporters and Other interactable

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