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Exprimental changes:


D.va: Health 600 to 1044 Booster: 3 seconds instead of 5 Micro Missles now 4 seconds instead of 8 she is making more damage.

Orisa: 300 ammo instead of 100, health 770, Barrier; 5 seconds with 1026 health halt: 5 seconds Fortify: 14 seconds

Reinhardt: Charge: 6 seconds Fire striek: 9 seconds health: 500 Barrier: 1600 health

Roadhog: Take a breath: 15 seconds Chain Hook: 22 seconds Ultimate: Not that mutch knockback, Easier to get ultimate, health: 678

Sigma: kinetic grasp 30 seconds, Shield: health 700, Gravity flux: 10% more damage, harder to get ult

Winston: Jump: 4 seconds, Shield: 14 seconds

Wreckling ball: shield: 9seconds, hook: 3 seconds Slam: 21 seconds

Zarya: Hp: 536, Shields: 8 seconds and 10 seconds


Ashe: Ammo 10, Dynamit: 8 seconds Coach gun: 5 seconds and more knockback to self , B.O.B: More damage longer ultimate duration

Bastion: Self repair: blocked Ultimate: Harder to get ultimate, HP: 270 damage: Lower damage

Cassidy/McCree: Roll: 5 seconds Stun: 25 seconds hp: 203

Doomfist: seismic slam: 16 seconds

Echo: hp: 190 Foucus beam: 9 seconds Sticky bomb: 40 seconds Ultimate: Easier to get

Genji: Deflect 10 seconds, ammo: 30

Hanzo: Hp: 238 Storm Arrows: 3, 7 seconds

Junkrat: Nothing

Mei: freezing easier, Wall: 17 sec ice block 7 sec

Phara: 10 seconds jump jet

Reaper: Damage: Lower

Soldier 76: Ultimate: shorter

Sombra: Stealth: 10 seconds Hack: 2.5 seconds

Symmetra: More damage, easier to get ultimate ammo: 141

Torbjörn: turret 18 sec overload: 20 sec damage: lower

Tracer: 225 hp faster blink cooldown recall: 18 sec

Widowmaker: 225 hp Venom mine: 6 sec hook: 4 sec

Ana: sleep dart: 16 sec graned: 9 seconds

Baptiste: Imortallity field: 42 sec cooldown burst: 9 sec cooldown

Brigitte: hp: 478 shield hp 597 lil bit more damage

Lúcio: Nothing

Mercy: Ultimate: Is now a mass res (harder to get ult) and valkyrie is an ability 9 sec cooldown on valkyrie and 3 seconds duration (mass res is a bit buggy) range: 15 meter 75% healing in valkyrie

Moira: Orbs: 5 second Fade: 5 seconds Ultimate: Longer duration

Zenyatta: Discord or is blocked, more healing

(when im writing ''9sec'' it means ''9 seconds cooldown''

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 28 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.5

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