Route 66 - Lava Parkour


Share Code (v 1.0.0): M1DVV
Difficulty: Hard
Details: Made by Midday. Originally released 03/AUG/20.
Description: You have been kidnapped by the Deadlock Rebels, and now you must escape by using different heroes and get to the Panorama Diner. It won't be easy, but freedom never is.

Note: The map utilizes the lava parkour map editor created by Gemster and follows the layout he uses for maps he creates. This map is part of a series of community maps made by different members of our discord community Gemster's Workshop, please feel free to join us for more maps! We also have achievements you can earn to level up in our community! (Discord Link: discord.gg/zsmgZXQ)

This map is a lava parkour map where you traverse through 4 different zones and unlock all of the heroes. There is a special secret hidden somewhere on the map, can you find it?

I hope you all enjoy my map, and feel free to give me any feedback! I can be found in Gemster's Workshop (link above)!

Map Trailer: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddr1ahtSXPc]

Categories | Parkour
Tags | route 66 lava parkour
Maps | Route 66
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.0.0

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