Raid Dungeon: PVP Boss Battle (Beta)

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Can your raid guild defeat the boss and take over the dungeon? The boss has augmented abilities, massive health, passive healing, lower cooldowns, faster ultimate generation, and more powerful weapons! The raid guild has a limited number of revives, so keep the pressure up until the boss cracks!

Note: Balance will be improved as more playtests are conducted. Feel free to send me feedback!

All Bosses
All bosses share some baseline changes, the most obvious being higher HP.
General icon
  • Base health/armor/shields total increased to 3000; Tanky bosses have greater armor and shields, Fragile bosses have greater regular health, and Standard bosses have an even distribution.
  • Shortened cooldowns and infinite ammo for all bosses unless otherwise specified.
  • 35% lifesteal on all damage dealt to enemies.
  • Environmental deaths are not permanent; instead, the boss will respawn, be stunned, and lose 600 health.
  • Damage taken from Gravitic Flux reduced by 70%, from EMP reduced by 50%, and from Deadeye reduced by ~23%.
  • Knockback received dramatically reduced. Tanky bosses take the least knockback, and Fragile bosses take the most.
  • Ultimate generation dramatically increased.
  • Healing received from health packs reduced by 50%.

Ana hero icon
Boss Ana
Boss Type: Standard

Ana has been given increased shield pressure, mobility, utility, ability uptime, and crowd control, making her a well-rounded force to be reckoned with. With two ways to deny healing to the enemy and two ways to control their movement, Ana has plenty of tools for any challenge thrown her way!

Biotic Rifle ability icon
Biotic Rifle
  • Scoped shots deal massive damage to barriers and pets.

Sleep Dart ability icon
Sleep Dart
  • Applies anti-healing to enemies while they sleep.
  • Cooldown dramatically reduced, but may only keep one enemy sleeping at a time.

Biotic Grenade ability icon
Biotic Grenade
  • Boosts Ana's movement speed and jump height, and reduces her gravity.
  • Knocks enemies upward.

Nanoboost ability icon
  • Resets her abilities' cooldowns.
  • Dramatically increases her abilities' cooldown speeds until Nanoboost ends.

Lucio hero icon
Boss Lucio
Boss Type: Fragile

Lucio's main boss mechanic is his augmented auras, which now provide additional offensive utility. His boop and ultimate ability also deal a good amount of damage and suspend enemies midair, allowing Lucio to combo with his primary fire and auras to focus enemies down. He loves to keep his enemies unstable while also sustaining himself!
General icon
  • Base healing increased (does not boost his lifesteal).
  • Wall Riding costs health.

Soundwave ability icon
  • Damage doubled.
  • Suspends enemies midair.

Crossfade ability icon
  • Heal Song slows enemies in its range; Speed Song burns them.

Amp It Up ability icon
Amp It Up
  • Amplifies the active Song's effect.
  • Activates the effects of the inactive Song.

Sound Barrier ability icon
Sound Barrier
  • Damages enemies within its range and suspends them midair.

Genji hero icon
Boss Genji
Boss Type: Fragile

Genji's main boss mechanic is his decaying burn, which greatly increases his DPS output when comboing abilities on his targets. Between his multiple Dash uses, double melee, and his multiple cooldown resets, Genji has plenty of tools to sustain the burn on his targets and focus them down one at a time!
General icon
  • Eliminations reset all cooldowns.
  • All damage dealt via abilities, Quick Melee, and Dragonblade apply a decaying burn.

Quick Melee ability icon
Quick Melee
  • Can double melee by pressing melee twice.

Swift Strike ability icon
Swift Strike
  • Has 3 uses per cooldown (all charges restored at once).

Deflect ability icon
  • Deals double damage.

Dragonblade ability icon
  • Resets all cooldowns.

Reinhardt hero icon
Boss Reinhardt
Boss Type: Tanky

Reinhardt's all about closing the distance and punishing the enemy for daring to challenge him in a brawl. His triple-shot Firestrike and health-ignoring Charge lethality will both kill anyone he approaches, and his increased base speed, penalty-free Barrier speed, and Overhealth-protected Charge all protect his approach. For those pesky Pharmercies as well as brawl comps, his Firestrike burn damage with increased lifesteal keep the tides in his favor against teams trying to challenge his strengths. Just go nuts!
Steadfast icon
  • Increased base movement speed.
  • Increased recovery speed against all knockdowns.

Barrier Field ability icon
Barrier Field
  • Movement speed penalty removed.

Charge ability icon
  • Grants +300 Overhealth while Charging.
  • Kills pinned enemies.

Firestrike ability icon
  • Fires two extra projectiles with slight homing, but without piercing.
  • Applies one stack of burn damage (up to 2 stacks per enemy) with an additional +65% lifesteal (totaling to 100% lifesteal)

Earthshatter ability icon
  • Critical hit kills enemies.
  • Applies one stack of Firestrike burn damage.

Tracer hero icon
Boss Tracer
Boss Type: Fragile

Tracer excels at speed blitzing her enemies and avoiding damage. Between all 3 of her Blink charges being restored in one cooldown, being reset with eliminations and Recalls, and Quick Melee regaining one Blink charge, she has no end of options for upkeeping her Blinks. And with her Recall and Blink both dealing damage and applying slows, she can keep up the pressure while zipping around.
General icon
  • Eliminations reset all cooldowns.

Quick Melee ability icon
Quick Melee
  • Restores one Blink charge.

Blink ability icon
  • Can Blink vertically with the Interact key.
  • Can reload Blinks with the Reload key. Reloading slows Tracer, and can be interrupted, i.e. by stuns, roots, Hacks, etc.
  • Damages and slows all enemies passed through.

Recall ability icon
  • Restores all Blink charges.
  • Damages and slows all nearby enemies.

Pulse Bomb ability icon
Pulse Bomb
  • Deals massive knockback.
  • Slows enemies.
  • Sticked enemies are killed by the detonation.

Widowmaker hero icon
Boss Widowmaker
Boss Type: Standard

Widowmaker's main mechanic is her various slows, which all allow her to line up her lethal headshots. She can apply a slow with her Quick Melee, scoped shot, Venom Mine, or with Infra-Sight, break through any barrier with her scoped shot, and deal double damage and apply a double duration slow by landing a headshot with it. All of this allows her to shatter her enemies' defenses and deliver the one shot, one kill!
Quick Melee ability icon
Quick Melee
  • Applies a slow.

Widow's Kiss ability icon
Widow's Kiss
  • Scoped shots deal massive damage to barriers and pets, and slow enemies.
  • Scoped headshots deal double damage and double the slow's duration.

Grappling Hook ability icon
Grappling Hook
  • Increases Widow's speed and reduces her gravity for a short duration.

Venom Mine ability icon
Venom Mine
  • Travels along its projectile arc at 1.5x speed.
  • Applies a slow.

Infra-Sight ability icon
  • Slows enemies in her scoped sights.

Zarya hero icon
Boss Zarya
Boss Type: Tanky

Zarya is a very mechanical boss, leveraging her shortened bubble cooldown to quickly build up charge and punish the enemy. She can also use her Projected Barrier to cast a massive bubble over the playing field, absorbing many more attacks with the cost of leaving herself vulnerable for a period after. Either way, she can then use her secondary fire to boost herself or suspend enemies midair, as well as the speed boost on her bubbles, to close the gap, and demolish her enemies with her increased base damage. This is the power of the world's strongest woman.
General icon
  • Base damage dramatically increased.

Particle Cannon ability icon
Particle Cannon
  • Secondary Fire suspends enemies mid-air.
  • Self-damage reduces Zarya's gravity for a short duration.

Particle Barrier ability icon
Particle Barrier
  • Has reduced health.
  • Increases Zarya's movement speed.

Projected Barrier ability icon
Projected Barrier
  • Creates a massive Particle Barrier.
  • Hacks Zarya for 3 seconds.

Graviton Surge ability icon
Graviton Surge
  • Deals 4x damage.

Settings & Maps

Players | 2 - 4
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 32 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.0.2



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