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Become venom, or fight for your life in this 1v9 game mode.

*Playing as venom, you have a new set of unique abilities, some familiar, and some completely new. *

Venom is a melee based boss, and just like ramatra, you have two seperate combat forms.
In your basic form, you have acess to 3 main abilties:

Tentacle whip (Roadhog hook + life steal)
Button: Primary fire

Basic attack (Melee)

Leap ( similar to winston leap, create a shockwave as you leap, and land)
Button: Crouch

In your secondary form, you are a force to be reckoned with. Along with the leap ability, you also have two new abilities:

Fist smash: A melee attack, which creates a shock wave and can one shot on direct hit
Button: Primary fire

Feasting grasp: If you block someone, point blank range, you pull them into you and steal the life from their body and put it into yours.
Button: Secondary fire

This is a WIP. Any suggestions can be directed toward me on discord :) (acc

Players | 1 - 10
Categories: Boss Mode
Heroes: Ramattra, Ashe, Bastion, Cassidy, Echo, and 23 more...
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Current version: 1



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