Welcome to DOMINATION!

(Please always create Custom Lobby by using Code AT69Z. Don't save as Preset. Then, you will always get to play the latest version.
And because of intrusive profanity filter, type something like "Domina tion" in Custom Game's name. You know, Jeff doesn't like BDSM)


  • Capture Points
  • Hold them
  • Gain Score over time
  • Don't let enemies take them
  • Use Healing Orbs
  • Jump-Pads
  • Teleporters
  • And Power-Up

Detailed description

  • On every map there are 3 Points. At the beginning they are neutral. During the match both teams fight to maintain control over every Point. To capture the Point, simply walk into it. Now it belongs to your team. Enemies can take Points at any time, also by touching them. Unless someone is next to the Point.

  • Now... every few second both teams are awarded with Score. The more points your team has, the more Score you gain. First team that reaches 200 Score wins.

  • Around the map there are several Healing Orbs. Touching them heals you. Orbs' cooldown is pretty short.

  • Jump-Pads serves as a shortcuts. Gain advantage using them.

  • Move around the map with Teleporters. You can jump to a distant part of the map instantaneously.

  • And of course there is a Power-Up. One Orb that will boost whoever touches it. Powered-Up player has increased damage dealt, movement speed and decreased damage taken. The duration is short and the cooldown of Power-Up is long.

  • This gamemode has custom Respawn Spots. Both teams respawn at different places, and always at the midway between two Points.

The gamemode is inspired by old-school Unreal Tournament Domination. 5v5 dps-only is the best way to play it. For obvious reasons, Sombra has disabled Stealth. In return, she has permanent +20% movement speed. Château Guillard and Château Guillard (Halloween) are supported maps so far, more to come.

Go to Workshop Settings in Custom Games main menu to disable the Intro.

And that's it! I hope you'll like it.

Nerdy details

  • Time to capture: 0,5s
  • Scoring Interval: 4s
  • Respawn time: 7,5s
  • 8 Healing Orbs
  • Healing amount: 150hp
  • Healing Orb cooldown: 15s
  • 3 Jump-Pads
  • 2 Teleporters
  • 1 Power-Up
  • Damage dealt: +50%
  • Damage taken: -50%
  • Movement speed: +50%
  • Heals to max
  • Power-Up duration: 12s
  • Power-Up cooldown: 60s
  • First Power-Up appears after 30s


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Jan papiez drugi podjebał mi szlugi


amazing mode, you can see that you spent a lot of time with him
good job mate, greetings :D


Bardzo fajny tryb


really nice


świetny tryb. Fajnie można spędzieć przy nim czas. Czekam na więcej map lub ulepszeń :-)


Tryb Super jeden z fajniejszych w workshopie




Very good mode


To mój ulubiony tryb. Blizzard powinien dodać go do salonu.


Very good mode, i am waiting for new updates

Asurin#21821 *

Great custom game, absolutely worthy spending time with friends! It's really competetive and enjoyable, well done! I would like to see more of the Creator's projects in the future!

Update Log


Major updates:

  • Added Château Guillard (Halloween) to the map pool
  • Added a Custom Games toggle to easly disable the Intro

Minor updates:

  • Very slightly moved two Healing Orbs on regular Château Guillard, so that they won't collide with environment elements on Château Guillard (Halloween)
  • Disabled Hero HUD during the Intro
  • Improved functionality of the Intro
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