Fast, competitive and highly replayable.

Inspired by the very same game mode in old-school FPS Unreal Tournament.
(Always create Custom Lobby by using Code AT69Z. Then, you will always play the latest version.)


Capture Points
Hold Them
Gain Score over time
Don't let enemies take them
Use Healing Orbs
And Power-Up

Feature Description
Capture Points 3 Points to Capture - neutral at the beggining of the Match. Stand on them and they belong to your team. Both teams fight to maintain control over every Point. Enemies can take Points away at any time - unless someone is contesting them.
Scoring Every few seconds both teams are granted with Score. The more Point your team has, the more Score you gain. First team that reaches 200 Score - wins!
Healing Orbs There are several of them on the map. Touching the Healing Orb replenish your health. Short refresh time.
Jump-Pads Serve as shortcuts. Gain advantage using them.
Teleporters Use them and jump to a distant part of the map instantaneously.
Power-Up There's only one Power-Up, right on the middle of the map. Anyone who touches it gain a huge boost. Powered-Up player deals more damage, receives less damage, has increased movement speed and is healed to the maximum. Short duration and long refresh time.
Respawn Spots This game-mode has custom Respawn Spots. Each of them is placed between two Points, and players respawn at Spots adjacent to owned Points.
Supported Maps Château Guillard, Château Guillard (Halloween), Petra, Malevento, Necropolis, Kanezaka (more to come...)
Playable heroes Only DPS Heroes are available. This is the best way to play it, but I have a few ideas to rework some Tank/Support to DPS...
Mutators Mutators are optional modificators that change the gameplay. There are Major Mutators, that alter the game drastically. And there are Minor Mutators - funny gimmicks or something that adds a little spice to the gameplay. More about them in the Mutators section.
Intro Before the start of every match, there's a short Intro. Where the Capture Points are, and which thing is what. Go to Custom Games settings to disable it.

Sombra has disabled Stealth. In return, she has permanent +20% movement speed.

And that's it! I hope you'll like it.

Time to capture: 0,75s
Scoring Interval: 4s
Respawn time: 7,5s
3 Jump-Pads
2 Teleporters
8 Healing Orbs
    Healing amount: 150hp
    Healing Orb cooldown: 15s
1 Power-Up
    Damage dealt: +50%
    Damage taken: -50%
    Movement speed: +50%
    Heals to max
    Power-Up duration: 12s
    Power-Up cooldown: 60s
    First Power-Up appears after 30s

Mutators are optional modificators that change the gameplay. There are Major Mutators, that alter the game drastically. And there are Minor Mutators - funny gimmicks or something that adds a little spice to the gameplay. Mutators are accessible through Workshop Settings in Custom Games options. Only one Major Mutator can be active at a time, same for Minor Mutators.

Major Mutators

Mutator Description
Rocket Arena Just Pharahs. Only direct hits count - no splash damage. Two hits to kill an enemy. Healing Orbs removed. Changed Power-Up, boosted player have to take 3 direct hits to be killed, instead of 2, and can kill everyone with 1 hit.
Instagib Cassidy only. Infinite ammo with 1 second fire-rate. One hit kills an enemy. Increased movement speed and jump height. Respaw time reduced to 3s. Healing Orbs and Power-Up removed.
The Floor is Lava All Lucios. Touching the ground applies the Burning effect with Damage over Time. Wallride to move around the map! Capture Points are the safe spots. Healing Orbs heal over time.

Minor Mutators

Mutator Description
Rainbow Enemies RGB outlines of enemies. PC Master Race.
Wobbly Voices Constant switching of heroes' voice lines between low and high pitch.
No Hero HUD Healthbar, Crosshair, Abilities Icons are disabled ;)

More Mutators to come.

Now you can help with Domination development!
I created a system that is able to save many important information on Host's PC. This .txt file contain statistics of how many each of Healing Orbs were used, same for Capture Points, Teleporters, Jump Pads and Power-Up. There are information of which Map players played, which Mutators they used and what was the final Score.
This can help me work on Domination more efficiently, for example if one Healing Orb isn't picked up a lot, I know that moving it might be a good idea. But I need STATS!

And now you can help me with that. With a new feature in the patch 1.5.0, players can choose to save that .txt file on their PC and send me it. Here's how to do that:
Turn On 'Enable Workshop Inspector Log' in Options>Gameplay
Turn On 'Save Stats in File' in Custom Game Settings>Workshop Settings
After the match go to C:\Users\XYZ\Documents\Overwatch\Workshop and you'll find a .txt file
Copy the text and send me it via DM on Discord. Tag: TeKo#9126
You can DM right away after sending Friend request. No need to wait for accepting.

Players | 2 - 10
Categories: Team Deathmatch
Heroes: Ashe, Bastion, Cassidy, Doomfist, Echo, and 12 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.5.0

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