Instagib is a fast paced one-shot deathmatch that is heavily inspired by arena shooters like Quake and Unreal Tournament, Movement system that has bunny hopping for the potential of gaining insane amounts of speed, dodging, grappling hook, secondary fire projectile that knocks players away, and buffs that can heavily modify your weapon such as making your bullets bounce off of walls, shoot through walls, or turn into a shotgun.

Features & Gameplay

  • Holding space lets you bunnyhop and the potential to gain insane amounts of speed

  • Primary fire is a one-shot

  • Secondary fire is an orb that knocks players back, including yourself allowing for extra mobility

  • Ability 1 (Shift) allows you to dodge in any direction

  • Ability 2 (E) is a grappling hook, pulling you towards a surface or an enemy towards you

  • Buffs are littered throughout various maps that can change your weapon drastically, such as:
    Wallbangs: Bullets will go through walls
    Ricochet: Bullets will bounce around the map
    Buckshot: Your gun is a shotgun
    Extra Life: Self explanitory

Gameplay is inspired by Quake, Unreal Tournament 2004, Xonotic/Nexuiz (2005), and Ratz Instagib.
Made with https://github.com/ItsDeltin/Overwatch-Script-To-Workshop

OSTW code:

Known Issues

  • Once a player joins the game for the first time a red explosion effect and its accompanying sound will play at Vector(0,0,0)
  • If a player disconnects after their buff runs out; the buffs cooldown in world text will disappear, the timer itself isnt (shouldn't be) broken, only the visual text.


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