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This mode is a mash up of a training range and the skirmish mode, meant to be a versatile tool to practice whatever you can think of from learning rollouts to practicing D.Va bomb's trajectory to finding Torb Turret spots. Each player is allotted one enemy dummy bot that can be placed anywhere throughout the map, and includes a number options including dummy strafe pattern and dummy hero. This mode is great for when you just need to hop in a game and figure something out.

A good tool for getting aquatinted with things like rollouts, wall riding, juggles, movement tech, hooks, sleeps, boops, combos, tracking and much much more. Cooldowns reduced. Ultimates always available. All human players on same team. Maxiumum players: 6.


Each player is allotted one enemy dummy that they can place anywhere on the map using their interact key. Only you are capable of damaging your dummy. When you eliminate your dummy, it will respawn to the spot you placed it.

Communicating anything will open the menu. The menu allows you to change dummy hero, add status buffs, change the dummy strafe pattern, return to spawn, Toggle HUD, and enable Rollout mode.

Rollout mode allow players repeatedly practice a certain path or mechanic. While in rollout mode, your position will be reset after killing your dummy, allowing you to repeatedly practice without having to travel back to your starting point every time. Holding crouch at any time will set a new starting position for your rollout. Tapping crouch 3 times will reset the user to the start postion.


  • Interact - hold interact to find dummy spawn point. release interact to spawn dummy
  • Any communication - Opens menu. Communicating while in menu will replace the menu in the direction the user is facing.
  • Primary fire - confirm menu option
  • Secondary fire - last menu option (Hero select only)
  • Hold Crouch - Enables rollout mode if not active. Sets a new rollout starting position if rollout mode is active (Reload for Ball and D.va)
  • Triple Tap Crouch - Resets user to rollout start (Reload for Ball and D.va)

Dummy Settings


  • 0 - Standing. Dummy will walk back to it's starting point if displaced.
  • 1 - Linear strafe. Dummy will strafe side to side at random.
  • 2 - Radial Strafe. Dummy will walk randomly within ~2m radius of starting point.
  • 3 - Jump Strafe/Specialty movement. For most heroes, the dummy will jump left and right to allow practice for tracking on jumping targets. For a handful of heroes, this setting is a movement specific to that hero.


  • Pharah - Flight
  • Wrecking Ball - Piledrive
  • Reaper - TP in place to practice shadow step timing
  • Illari - Outburst jump
  • Ashe - Coach gun jump
  • Bap - Exo Boots jump
  • Hanzo - Lunge jump strafe
  • Reinhardt - if user is also playing Reinhardt, bot will 1v1 you. (AI is under-tested in current iteration. Might put the "dumb" in "dummy")


  • 0 - None
  • 1 - Nanoboost
  • 2 - Mercy Damage Boost
  • 3 - Amplification Matrix multiplier # Additional Features Damage numbers shown above dummy. Can be disabled by turning off HUD in menu.

Doomfist - Using block will trigger your dummy to shoot you. Damage received increased while using block to empower punch from a larger variety of dummy heroes.

Zarya - Using self bubble will automatically give you 40 charge

Wrecking Ball/Lucio - Speed shown in HUD

Players | 1 - 6
Categories: Parkour, Practice Mode, Tools
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 33 more...
Maps: Circuit Royal, Dorado, Havana, Junkertown, Rialto, and 22 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.0.0

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