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A game-mode that aims to create a 60-40 balance between Overwatch 1's and Overwatch 2's gameplay via reinstating and reworking abilities from Overwatch 1. This mode will not be updated, so you get what you get. Sorry, I tried.


  • All heroes released after Sojourn have been disabled.
  • All maps released after Malevento have been disabled.
  • Elimination has been put into rotation, with Ayutthaya, Black Forest, Castillo, Ecopoint Antarctica and Necropolis being enabled.



  • Projectile speed increased by 30%
  • Fusion Driver falloff removed
  • Fusion Driver now slows the user by 25%
  • Javelin Spin removed
  • Protective Barrier reinstated
  • Protective Barrier now lasts for 4 seconds
  • Protective Barrier cooldown is now 8
  • Terra Surge removed
  • Lockdown added
  • Lockdown creates a bubble at the targeted location that denies enemy movement and movement abilities for 8 seconds
  • Enemies can still use non-movement abilities while trapped by Lockdown


  • Scrap Gun damage increased by 5
  • Chain Hook impact damage increased by 25
  • Take A Breather cooldown decreased to 6 seconds



  • B.O.B. generates 25% slower


  • Health increased to 325
  • Configuration: Assault renamed to Configuration: Sentry
  • No longer able to move while in Configuration: Sentry
  • Self-Repair reinstated
  • Configuration: Artillery removed
  • Configuration: Tank reinstated


  • Combat Roll cooldown decreased to 6 seconds
  • Magnetic Grenade now stuns


  • Moved to the DPS role
  • Health is now 300
  • Ammo regeneration time increased by 25%
  • Rocket Punch damage increased by 15
  • Seismic Slam damage increased by 25
  • Power Block charges twice as fast


  • Increased Hack cooldown to 15 seconds



  • Regenerative Burst cooldown decreased to 9 seconds


  • Shield Bash deals 50% more knockback to enemies
Players | 1 - 10
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes:, Doomfist, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, and 28 more...
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