Yeti Hunter

Yeti Hunter Boss Battle

In this game mode I have tried my hardest to re-create Yeti Hunter, this is the release version so expect bugs. If you feel like you are having bugs, please mention them in the comments. The main aim of the game mode is for the Yeti to collect the meat and hunt down the Hunters, whilst the Hunters hunt down the Yeti. There are different mechanics in this game mode too, such as jumping off the map teleports the Yeti to his spawn/cave, meat gives you more ult etc. I truly hope that you enjoy this game mode. Unfortunately some things in the map are different to the actual Yeti Hunter map, such as the wooden ledge being removed and some sections that are still indoors. If you guys have any recommendations on making Yeti Hunter fun and different, feel free to share them in the comments!

Yeti Hunter is a 5vs1 between a team of five Meis, or Yeti Hunters, and a team of one Winston, the Yeti. The Hunters' goal is to eliminate the Yeti while the Yeti's goal is to get 5 eliminations on Yeti Hunters.

Reveal Trailer

How it works

  • The Yeti collects red orbs which are meat to gain ultimate charge
  • Yeti's ultimate is 20 seconds long
  • Yeti can jump off the map to teleport to spawn/cave
  • Yeti does 50% more damage
  • Mei's ultimate is Junkrat's trap
  • Mei's Ice Wall lasts 3 seconds, Cryo-Freeze lasts 2 seconds but with more healing
  • For Yeti to win, Mei's must have 0 lives left
  • For Hunters to win, Yeti must die
Players | 1 - 6
Categories: Boss Mode, Survival
Tags: pvp winter
Heroes: Winston, Mei
Maps: Nepal
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.3



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