[WIP] Junkenstein: The Hidden Truth


Junkenstein: The Hidden Truth PVE

Junkenstein's secrets have been revealed. Long ago, Junkenstein's secrets were kept within the Chateau, now he wants to get rid of them! Stop Junkenstein and his goons from destroying the secret documents, and take Junkenstein down for the last time!

How it works

  • Stop the Zomnics from destroying the documents
  • Game length is 15 minutes
  • Features all original bosses
  • Survive until the pickup to win
  • If documents are destroyed you will lose
  • Defend documents for 5 minutes to collect them
  • Zomnics do not spawn in pickup phase


Choose from any of four difficulties:

I hope you enjoy this game mode. It is basically an overhaul of Junkenstein's since I believe that Blizzard aren't doing anything exciting for this year's (2020) Halloween.

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Update Log (8)

Update v3.3 - Update to Scoring

  • Scoring is now done in PTS (Points) instead of XP (Experience) You can now get bonus points for killing an elite (boss) quickly, this only currently works with the following bosses:
    • The Reaper < 6s
    • Junkenstein's Monster < 12s
    • Dr. Junkenstein < 9s
    • The Summoner < 7s

(Check back here for more Bosses)

This is the result of killing The Reaper

Minor Update

I have updated the Difficulty modes so that they feel more like the original, Symmetra is next to be updated.
This will NOT be counted as a new version

Update v3.2 - Mercy Circles Pocket

The Witch now circles who ever she pockets, it's not constant circling. This makes the Witch harder to hit, but also prone to falling off the edge! Give me feedback on how it goes, and I'd love to hear from you guys!

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