Overwatch -STRIVE-

----- Overview -

A gamemode based heavily on Guilty Gear -STRIVE-, carring it's various unique core gameplay mechanics.
Bringing a new method to utilizing your ultimate, this gamemode allows you to spend portions of your ultimate charge to preform various actions primarily revolving around your abilities.
The purpose of these mechanics are to allow players more player expression and fast paced gameplay + decision making.

----- Romans -

Romans are methods in which Ultimate Charge can be spent to perform some kind of special attribute.

Blue Roman -

(Holding an Ability during cooldown)

Bypass an abilities cooldown, costs 25% Ultimate Charge

Purple Roman -

Pressing {Interact} during an ability

Cancel an ability, reducing it's cooldown by half, costs 25% Ultimate Charge

Red Roman -

Using a melee on an opponent while holding {Interact}

Stuns the melee'd opponent, costs 50% Ultimate Charge

Yellow Roman -

Pressing {Interact} while crouching

Gain 150 recoverable armor for 5 seconds, costs 50% Ultimate Charge

----- Positive Bonus -

If a players portrait is On Fire, they alongside recieve Positive Bonus. A special state in which the player recieves 1% of their Ultimate Charge every 1 second.

During this they deal 10% more damage, though also take 10% more damage in return.
Positive Bonus can be seen by other players with a green aura.
This is to favor the skilled, but also make them a target.
(Though can be modified and/or disabled in "Workshop Settings")

These alongside it's rules incentivize planning around how you want to use your ultimate, which in turn can allow more player expression and decision making.

Warning :
This is my first time developing a dedicated gamemode in hopes of providing a completely unique experience, although I've done all I can to perfect this, bugs and exploits are to be expected (By me, at least).
I still want to modify and tweak this, balancing and bug fixing, to ensure this can be an enjoyable experience for days, maybe even months, to come.
Oh, also, go figure, bots don't know how to use this stuff. So be sure to play with a friend or 2.
For any and all issues (or if you just wanna hang out), please message me on Discord (qwop28) or Twitter/X (QWOP28_YT).

Play Guilty Gear.

Players | 1 - 10
Heroes: All
Maps: Circuit Royal, Dorado, Havana, Junkertown, Rialto, and 23 more...
Created at:
Last updated:

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