Were-Ape (Murder Mystery, TTT)


The game plays like a normal TTT game. You spawn in and after a brief grace period, everyone becomes "Human" (Innocent). One player, however, becomes a "Were-Ape" (Traitor) and must try to deceive and eliminate all humans before the timer is up. All players are McCree, but the Were-ape can transform into an ulting Winston for a brief time.

With 8 or more players, two were-apes are chosen. They can see who the other ape is. Additionally, a human is chosen to become a "Hunter" who can sense if a were-ape is nearby. Humans who damage the hunter are given a penalty since the hunter cannot be a were-ape.


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Update Log (4)

  • Were-Ape now receives 50% Ult Charge instead of 100%. As a result, the transformation needs to be earned instead of waited for.
  • A tutorial HUD that describes each role can now be toggled on/off at any time by pressing Interact. It will be on by default when players join in case they are completely new to the rules of TTT.
  • Added Kanezaka
  • Disabled Scoreboard during a round, making it impossible to see who transforms into the ape. (Finally)
  • Allied Were-Apes now have a green outline around them
  • The Hunter now has a blue outline around him
  • Made a bunch of bug fixes and QOL changes
  • Implemented an automated system for if you're waiting for players, so you won't have to restart if everyone leaves.
  • Added some extra text tips. Doesn't mean 95% of people will read it anyway, but hey it's there. I tried.
  • Added punishment for damaging/killing your ally if you're a Were-Ape. Figured the big red heart icon over their head would be enough to signify they were your friend but I guess not.
  • Added an eye icon over the hunter that everyone can see.
  • The round will reset if the Were-Ape(s) leave the game.
  • Players will respawn if they die during setup.
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