Superhot 1v11


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Superhot 1v11

Original by ???, Heavily modified from 1v6 TDM to 1v11 "TDM" by Bonkorn.

Game Mechanics:

  • Partially working teammates feature: Teammates' arrow color changes depend on status. Anti-CC most of the time! ONE Widow's Ult will provide location of the boss to ALL teammates. Sombra cannot hack teammates or health packs.
  • Max score required to win for each team automatically scales depend on number of players on the server.


  • Hold CROUCH key to slow down the time.
  • Overusing slow-motion will kill you. Max Usage duration: 3 by default, can be further increased temporarily upon killing someone.
  • Available Heroes: Ashe, Hanzo, McCree, Widowmaker.

For Host (How to set someone as boss):

  • Place the player you want to be the boss in the 12th player slot. Image Title

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