Best The Floor is Lava Version! 9/2020


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The Floor is Lava


Lava Slowly rises overtime, survive as long as possible, and avoid getting pushed into the lava by enemies!

Why my version?

Because I only make this game mode right now, so i am capable to update it continuously, Also There are other people that help me by ideas or coding so more interesting abilitiess and less bugs/glitches, also i play this game mode so i know the problems in it! [Made by NewLink- and Xxbypablo2007xX On PlayStation 4]

My Objective!

#Fun #Balanced #Uniquely

What Special with this version

  1. Lava Damage is fixed in 75 per second instead of most of other versions that lava damage 25% of max health of your current hero so you will die after 4 seconds if you have 600 hp or 150 hp but my version if you have 300 hp (average hp) you take 4.2 seconds to die but if you ave 150 hp you will take 2.1 seconds until you die, that makes much more easier to balance lowering hp for high survivability heroes and increase hp for low survivability heroes
  2. The Heal Overtime now take 2.5 seconds instead of 1 seconds to automatic heal overtime starts due to some abilities but the heal overtime increased
  3. You can help me by giving me ideas or suggestions to make this version better!
  4. Every custom ability that i made have a HUD text on that hero in right of screen to let players know every ability what it do!
  5. You can check Patch notes here from Update Log after comments!

Lava Colors:

Red: Burns players inside of it but the damage is the same!
Green: Stuns players for 0.75 second every 3 seconds if you stay inside of it!
Light Blue: Freezes players for 1.25 seconds once!
Yellow: Sleeps players until they take damage!
Purple: Hacks players for short duration!
Orange: Coming soon!
Blue: Coming soon!

Custom Abilities:

Ana: - Biotic grenade freezes players in explosion radius for 1.25 seconds.
- Nano boost increases move speed and jump vertical speed by 50% and sleeps all other players for 3 seconds.
Ashe: - Dynamite slows Move speed and Aim Speed of players by 50% in explosion radius for 5 Seconds
Baptiste: - Biotic Launcher Stuns target for 0.4 second each round.
- Amplification Matrix Transform Baptiste three round burst weapon to Machine gun for 8 seconds with 120 ammo and 0.16 recovery time to maximize stun duration.
Reworked Bastion: - Self Repair Ability enabled or disabled depending on your configuration.
- Sentry Mode enables Self repair and disables on Recon and Tank Modes.
- Self Repair don't deal healing instead it's Bastion's Vertical take-off ability that can makes it fly vertically until the fuel consumed, then bastion will land to the ground.
- To Recharge the fuel bastion need to configure to Recon Mode for 5 seconds to be fully recharged or configure to Tank Mode to recharge it directly during his ultimate.
- During reconfiguration between recon to sentry or opposite bastion will gain -50% gravity to help him getting high ground or counter environment kills.
- When Bastion Transform to Tank Mode, you gain + 150 Armor, you can rocket jump or push off enemies by tank cannon.
Genji: - Shurikens knocks back targets.
- Dashing to player makes him knock down for short time.
- Dragonblade knocks back targets and reset your dash ability.
Hanzo: - Storm Arrows knocks back targets.
- Hanzo Stuns and push off players eaten by Dragonstrike.
Junkrat: - Riptire makes targets tired becuse it knocks back and down them once. (op i know)
Mccree: - Dead-eye (high noon) knocks targeted players so far away.
Mei: - Endothermic Blaster (Icicle) freezes players.
Moira: - Biotic orb (damage version) hacks all players are close to orb until they leave its area.
- Biotic orb (in general) isn't projectile so it doesn't move.
- No Gravity during fade ability.
- Coalescence Stuns and knocks down targets for very short time but repeats.
Pharah: - Barrage pushes off targets so far away.
Reaper: - Quick melee with his gun stuns players. (yes, you can spam) ;)
- Death Blossom (like riptire) stuns and pushes off players out of map but not once.
Tracer: - Pulse bomb rotates and pushes off players then freeze them.
Widowmaker: - Her gun stuns enemies.
Zenyatta: - Quick melee rotates and knocks down players.


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Update Log (3)

This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.

Patch Notes - September 24, 2020

Hero Bug Fixes:


• Fixed bug that make bastion fires after transforming between sentry and recon
• Changed the way that bastion enables or disables self-repair That was the reason of these bugs
• Fixed bug that makes bastion able to use self repair on recon mode after taking stun status from lava

Hero Updates:


Biotic Grenade
• Healing reduced from 100 to 60
Nano boost
• Sleep duration reduced from 3.5 Seconds to 3 seconds
• Healing reduced from 250 to 150
• Cannot spawn with ultimate (ultimate charge start from 0%)
• Ultimate cost lowered by 10%
Developer Comment:
Reducing healing from her abilities by 40% will make her a bit weaker to survive for long time inside of lava especially her health is 300 also nano boosting make advantage to ana and disadvantange to all players


Biotic Launcher
• Stuns players instead of freezing them
• Stun duration increased from 0.25 seconds to 0.4 seconds
• Ammo reduced from 12 to 6
Amplification Matrix
• ultimate duration decreased from 10 seconds to 8 seconds
• Ammo during ultimate reduced from 150 to 100
• Recovery time increased from 0.016 second to 0.16 second


Self Repair
• Vertical movement speed increased from 5.5 to 6
• Fuel consumation increased from 38% per second to 42% per second
• Recharging rate decreased from 25% per second to 20% per second
• Added gravity resistance during reconfiguration by 50% and lasts 1 second
• Ultimate duration lowered from 15 seconds to 12 seconds
• Ultimate knockback Increased by 30%
• Ultimate refill Self Repair fuel to 100% directly after using ultimate

This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.

Patch Notes - November 04, 2020

Health Update:

  • Ana base health decreased from 300 to 275.
  • Bastion base health increased from 200 to 250 (300 to 350).
  • Brigitte base health increased from 175 to 200 (225 to 275).
  • Briggite bas armor increased from 50 to 75 (225 to 275).
  • D.Va base health decreased from
This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.
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