Overwatch but its literally TF2

Using a bit of workshop magic, and stat changes, ive recreated team fortress 2 in overwatch. Each character is ment to represent one of the famous classes one way or another, hope you enjoy!!!!

Classic Mercs
Scout: For Scout I chose Junker Queen for both her shotgun feeling the best as well as her Knife and life steal ability which can mirror a pistol secondary as well as mad milk. It may not fit perfect but I feel as if this was the best choice, as well her speed was increased and health decreased to match the more glass canon feel of Scout.

Soldier: Phara felt like the obvious choice to represent our rocket jumping, shovel wielding merc, her rockets knockback was increased to more represent the importance of rocket jumping, she does still have her jump jets as a safer movement option but its been limited to make it not a match so it doesnt feel like there is no need to rocket jump. Her health was also increased just a bit to match that survivability.

Pyro: I know what your thinking, "its Mei isnt it", well jokes on you it isnt. I chose Echo for the shotgun like primary fire, however for the flamethrower I believe that the sticky bombs she uses follow the basic way the Pyro's flames work and overall fit better then Mei's primary. This is mostly for the shotgun I admit but it does feel like a lot of fun and close to how the Pyros ment to be played!! As always health has been adjusted for a better feel.


  • Normal Demo man is made using Junkrat as the canvas. His grenade launcher and concussion mines feel perfect compared to how they normally feel in TF2. His health was set to a healthy hight just as all the others

  • Well we're at our first crossroads, Demo Knight is a very popular playstyle in TF2 and I would be upset if you couldn't play it here. Using Reinhardt I was able to mimic the charge and sword action of our Scotish friend on kill you even gain some cooldown charge back!!! Health has been scaled back a bit but speed and damage were increased to get more help to him in the frontlines

Heavy: Thank God Mauga came out recently, he allowed me to make heavy as close to the real thing as possible, thankfully no major changes needed to be made, just spin those guns and have fun!!

Engineer: Torbjorn was used for Engineer and is relitively unchanged, in order to more balance the game, I kept overload in the game, it also gives a revenge crit feel to him so just have fun making some nests.


  • Normal Medic is painted onto Mercy so simply, I also have added uber charge to the kit. Uber max heals your alies and make you the Mercy invulnerable.

  • Using Ana I was able to bring one other Medic style to the game, the Crusader's Crossbow and the Kritzkrieg.


  • Sniper is a interesting character to develop, for him I went with ashe. For this pick i kinda just wanted to be different, but overall I think it works well.

  • For the huntsman I literally just used hanzo and took his abilities.

Spy: For Spy I chose Sombra, her invisibility works amazing as compared to spy, and using the workshop I got backstab to work too!!!

Overall I hope you enjoy this game mode and if you have any ideas or recomondations I'd love to hear them!!!

Players | 1 - 12
Heroes: Junker Queen, Mauga, Reinhardt, Ashe, Echo, and 7 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: V1.0



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