Big Bad Boss Series: Deadlock Gang Full PvE Boss Fight!


Big Bad Boss Series: Deadlock Gang

Boss - Ashe
Adds - McCree
Phase 1 - Technical Phase
Phase 2 - Burst Phase (starts when Boss at 15% HP)
Normal: 9DCK2
Heroic: 5PW38 (in testing phase)
Mythic: RHWFZ (in testing phase)
The fight is made for 6 people, gather up your party and have fun!
Tests Video: https://youtu.be/-2Dao_lGkf0
Note: Hi guys! I tried to make this boss fight challenging. Normal mode is just to get people used to the mechanics. If you want real challenge go for Heroic or even the Mythic difficulty!!

I ask everyone, who can play with friends in group of 6, and likes the good ol' dungeon feeling of MMORPGS, please enjoy! If you make a video of it for youtube or streaming it, please write to me at [email protected] and I will check it out. I tested this mode with 1 group so far, they had a blast after understanding the mechanics. Thank you. LazaC

Boss Health: 18.000 HP + 2000 Armor
Damage Done: 200%
Ultimate Charge Passive: 200%
TNT Fuse: 50%
Ultimate Duration: 50%
Add McCrees Damage Done: 130%
Add McCrees Damage Received: 120%
Add McCrees Health: 500%
Add McCrees Movement Speed: 70%

Boss Abilities:
---Auto Attack
3 Normal Scoped Shots and then a TNT with 50% fuse time. (Only TNT under 15% HP)
---Evidence and Proof
This mechanic is on a 60 second cycle. Players will get a Big Message 'Collect the Yellow orbs!' and after they have to collect evidence (little yellow orbs) in the area of the encounter. Collecting 1 evidence will lock a member of the Deadlock Gang (McCree) into prison, reducing the number of adds that will appear when the time limit for this mechanic arrives. The counter starts at 7 Adds which you can see on the top left corner of your screen and you can collect a maximum of 5 orbs in 20 seconds.
After the deadline: The remaining number of McCree adds will spawn on the map randomly, that chase down players, even if they are in prison! (The Adds can shoot as auto attack and use Deadeye ultimate if they are at 100% ult charge)
A randomly selected player will get imprisoned in the room under the boss. The Imprisoned player takes DoT damage (30/s) while under this effect and can only leave the prison entering through the right exit that matches his color. When a player is marked for prison, they get teleported to the room, get a sad face icon above them with a specific color. During this time 4 colored (green, blue, white, orange) orbs will also spawn on the map. Players have to recognize the color above the head of the imprisoned player and collect the matching orb in color on the map. If they do this, an Exit with that color will open inside the prison. Trapped players can leave the prison and stop the DoT on them by going through the same colored Exit as the color for their icon above the head. (You can see a counter for this mechanic top right corner)
---What the Hack?
If any 2 players stand within 3 metres of each other, they get hacked for 2 seconds. (You cannot get this effect while hacked)
---The Last Member
When the Boss reaches 100% ult charge, she will call down B.O.B. The robot will shoot players for 5 seconds.
---There is an 'Anti-Gravity Buff" yellow orb and text next to the house in the back. If a player enters this orb, he will get anti-gravity for 6 seconds, which allows heroes without any vertical mobility to reach some hard places when they want to collect an add orb or a key orb.

HEROIC mode:
Boss Health: 18.000 HP + 4000 Armor
Damage Done: 200%
Ultimate Charge Passive: 200%
TNT Fuse: 40%
Ultimate Duration: 100%
Add McCrees Damage Done: 150%

Evidence and Proof
Counter starts at 10 adds, you can collect 8 orbs.
Cycle is 45 seconds instead of 60.
Adds when ulting, will hold firing Deadeye for 3 seconds instead of 2.

DoT damage is 40/s
Instead of a 40 second cycle it is 30 second now.

Boss Health: 18.000 HP + 5000 Armor
Damage Done: 250%
Ultimate Charge Passive: 200%
TNT Fuse: 30%
Ultimate Duration: 100%
Add McCrees Damage Done: 170%
Add McCrees Movement Speed: 60%
Boss will start throwing only TNTs when reaching 20% health.
Anti-gravity buff lasts for 5 seconds instead of 6.

Evidence and Proof
Counter starts at 13 adds, you can collect 10 orbs.
Cycle is 40 seconds.
Adds will shoot a 30% faster.
Adds when ulting, will hold firing Deadeye for 4 seconds.

Now imprisons 2 players...
DoT damage is 50/s
Instead of a 40 second cycle it is 30 second now.

NEW ABILITY! (mythic only)
Linked fate
2 players will be linked with a Red Tether Beam. Tethered players have to run next to each other to clear the effect of themselves (Yes, they will get hacked, I know)
Players take damage each second while under the effect of Linked Fate. The damage is 5 times the distance between the 2 of them.
Players cannot go 20 metres apart from each other while under the effect of tether.
If one of the tethered players die, the other will die too. This is what Linked fate means.
There is an orange colored HUD for this mechanic in the left of your screen. You will constantly get small messages about being tethered while under the effect. Also when the 2 palyers get tethered every teammate can see who is affected in a Big Message, so maybe you can help them find each other, or at least open up a free path for them to meet.

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Update Log (6)

Boss Changes
--Boss now has 20.000 HP on Normal, 22.000 HP on Heroic and 23.000 HP on Mythic. Boss always has 18.000 as normal HP and the rest as Armor. For example on Normal: 18.000 HP + 2000 Armor
--Boss now will Aim Auto shots better.
--Imprison now shows the players marked for prison before the timer starts. So players can see their colored key before they will be put into the prison. This will help the team focus on the colors more when the time comes.

Hero Changes
--Roadhog's Hook now disabled
--Reinhardt's Charge now disabled
--Sigma is now playable!! The knockback command works for Sigma's primary fire as well, so now he can be used too.

Boss Changes
--Boss is now immovable thanks to the new command. That's why all knockback restrictions are removed from heroes.
-Quick Melee Added back for all heroes
--Boss now has a progress bar as health, showing the progress of the health of the boss at all times.
--Boss is now immovable, the knockback it receives is 0%

--Boss Auto Attack redesigned to make healers lives easier
----1 shot on random target
----2 shots on Tanks if possible
----1 TNT on random target
--Adds now deal 130% damage on Normal mode, 150% damage on Heroic and 170% damage on Mythic difficulty.
Dev.Note: A lot of times the Evidence gathering left unchecked, as adds were not that punishing. With this change, we hope that more players taking the mechanic more seriously.

--Fixed an issue with Mythic mode Imprison, when it tries to put 2 people into prison at the same time.
--Fixed a bug with Boss' position where it was constantly glitching in one place.

This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.

--Modified all Heroes according to Big Bad Boss Basic Hero Changes. This will result in better rotations and feels for each hero, balanced interactions and also builds familiarity with each hero since every Big Bad Boss encounter will have almost the same restrictions.
See: #hero-changes on my discord >>> https://discord.gg/tbURz9P
--Boss will automatically teleport back to its place if it is 1 meter further from its normal location. Because if this change, many hero abilities that could move the Boss are allow during this encounter. (e.g. Pharah-Concussive Blast, Junkrat-Concussive Mine) This is good because players can push off the McCree Adds over the edge.
--Sigma is now playable!
--Melee enabled

PATCH 1.2.0
---Time Slider is added as a Workshop Setting option. You can modify the encounter time with this, if your team needs more time, to ease the challenge. The intended boss fight time is always written next to the slider.
---Disabled Game Mode HUD and Kill Feed, also workshop inspector recording

Bug Fixes:
--Standing near a dead teammate will no longer trigger 'What the Hack?'

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