Big Bad Boss Series: Isolation Full PvE Boss Fight!

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Big Bad Boss Series: Isolation

Boss - Sombra
Adds - Reinhardt
---1 Phase challenging fight
Normal: 8B4Q2
Heroic: no codes yet
Mythic: no codes yet
The fight is made for 6 people, gather up your party and have fun!

Developer Words:
Note: Hi guys! I tried to make this boss fight challenging. This is made for 6 man. Normal mode is just to get people used to the mechanics. If you want real challenge go for Heroic or even the Mythic difficulty!!

I ask everyone, who can play with friends in group of 6, and likes the good ol' dungeon feeling of MMORPGS, please enjoy! If you make a video of it for youtube or streaming it, please write to me at [email protected] and I will check it out. I tested this mode with 3 groups so far, both had a blast after understanding the mechanics. Thank you. LazaC

Boss Health: 25.000
Damage Done: 150%
Ultimate disabled by default, you have to charge it with a mechanic.
Add Damage Done: 150%
Add Movement Speed: 200%
Map: Workshop Chamber

Base mechanic:
---Boss is in the middle, a blue orb around her. Boss will always teleports back to the center if it would get pushed out of the orb.
---In the 4 corners of the Chamber there are Red Orbs which are constantly growing.
---At random places in the Chamber, there will be 6 white orbs spawning, which can give a player some 'charge'.
--------1 small orb that gives 30 charge
--------1 medium orb that gives 15 charge
--------4 big orbs that give 10 charge each

Players can use their charges in 2 ways:
---Go into the Red orbs to make them smaller.
---Go into the blue boss orb to give ultimate charge to the boss. (right side of the screen)

Why is that important?
-Red globes will damage the whole team and will eventually cover the whole room if left unchecked.
-A damage over time effect is constantly applied to the players (which you can see the stack amount on the right side of the screen) which will eventually kill the players if left unchecked, BUT this DoT can be cleared when the boss uses EMP!!
--Players have to juggle with these mechanics constantly while dealing with the boss.

Boss Abilities

--EMP (ultimate) the most important!!
When the boss reaches 100% ult charge it will immediately ult, clearing all damage over time stacked on the players, hacking them for 2-3 seconds (differs by your distance to the boss) then switch the control ability of your character. 4 different things cycle after the first EMP in this order:
-----Disable Ability 1 (default Shift)
-----Disable Ability 2 (default E)
-----Disable Ultimate Ability (default Q)
-----Foot disorientation (makes your character move in relation with an Anchor Point)

Auto attack
Primary fire for awhile then switch to Hacking someone, then loop.
The cavalry is here!
Some Reinhardts will get spawned at random locations, target a player and perform charge. These adds have hightened movement speed so be careful while avoiding them, as they deal a huge amount of dmg if you get pinned. This mechanic has a clock for occurrence on the right side of the screen, also as a Big Message when the ability starts you can see how many Reins will spawn, 2-3 can be spawned. Ability cooldown 30 seconds.
Black Hole
Each 30 seconds after the start of the fight a Black Hole will appear on the ground, pulling players to its epicenter. Players have to touch the Yellow Icon marked orb that spawns to free themselves from this pull, or they can always just try to survive with pure running (no chance :P) If any player touches the middle of the Black Hole, they take 300 damage each second. This pulling effect is maximum for 10 seconds, and the ability has a 30 second cooldown. You can see the cooldown on the right side of the screen. This is very important because you have to be ready to run for that yellow orb!

Heroic and Mythic will come as tests progress.
1st Test video: https://youtu.be/DMdx7NixxWI PATCH 1.0.0
2nd Test video: https://youtu.be/ZPchVhGE18o PATCH 1.0.4

Players | 6 - 6
Categories: PvE
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1.2

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