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Got Bored Of All The Bugs On The AI Stuff Im Doing Right Now So I Wanted To Do Something Simple, So I Made A Clone War

1v1 - 5 Clones
2v2 - 2 Clones
3v3 - 1 Clone
4v4 - 1 Clone (Not Recommended)
5v5 - Not Recommened

Recommended 4 Players 2v2, 2 Clone Each

If Clone Is Futher Than 12 Meters Or Lost LOS It Will Try To Pathfind To Its Owner

Pathfinding Is Fully Dynamic No Navmesh Is Needed, So Any Is Map Supported
(The Exchange Being That Its Sightly Worse, And Trash At Long Ranges)

Known Bugs (Very Outdated Info)

For The Death Swap It Copies The Clones Cooldown, Charges, Resources And Ammo However Some Abililtys And Ammo Have Bugged Tracking And Some Set Ammo Are Also Bugged
(Crouch And Jump Cooldowns Not Swapped In This Gamemode)

Buged Tracking

  • D.Va Micro Missile
  • Junker Queen Jagged Blade
  • Ramattra Void Barrier
  • Reinhardt Fire Strike
  • Roadhog Take A Breather
  • Zarya Particle/Projected Barrier
  • Sojourn Railgun
  • Soldier: 76 Helix Rocket
  • Symmetra Sentry Turret
  • Tracer Recall
  • Baptiste Immortality Field
  • Kiriko Ammo (Healing Ofuda And Kunai)
  • Lifeweaver Rejuvenating Dash
  • Lifeweaver Ammo (Healing Blossom And Thorn Volley)

Bugged Set Ammo

  • Ramattra
  • Bastion
  • Reaper
  • Lifeweaver (Sometimes Sets Thorn Volley To 1000 Ammo)


Name Description Options
Max Drop Height Sets The Maximum Height The Dynamic AI Will Drop From 1.2-20 (Default 8)
Reaction Speed The Speed The Dynamic Pathfinding Will Update 0.1-5 (Default 0.5)
Vision Range The Distance From The Eyes The Dynamic Nodes Will Travel 3-10 (Default 6)
Field Of Vision Up/Down The Vertical FOV The Dynamic Nodes Are Made In 1-180 (Default 1)
Field Of Vision Left/Right The Horizontal FOV The Dynamic Nodes Are Made In 1-360 (Default 360)
FOV Up/Down Step Amount The Vertical FOV The Dynamic Nodes Skip Every Node 1-90 (Default 1)
FOV Left/Right Step Amount The Horizontal FOV The Dynamic Nodes Skip Every Node 1-180 (Default 20)
Amount Number Of Clones Per Player 1-5 (Default 5)
Anti-Stuck Tigger Distance The Distance Before AI Give Up Pathfinding And Just Teleport 12-150 (Default 30)
Attach Clones To Owners (Forces Clones Position Near Owner At All Times) Attach Clones To Owner In A Circle Positions Based On The Clone Amount Toggle (Default Off)
Multiply Ultimate Cost By Clone Amount For Every Clone The Player Has Add To The Cost Of Their Ultimate Toggle (Default On)
Conjoin The Clone And Players Health Merge The Players Health With Their Clones, Increasing Health Sharing Damage And Healing (While On Disable Friendly Healing) Toggle (Default Off)
Swap With Clone On Death (Disabled If Conjoined Health Enabled) After Dying Copy The Stats And Cooldowns Of The Clone Sorted By Distance Dived By Health And Take Their Place Toggle (Default On)
Players | 1 - 4
Categories: Minigames
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 32 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.2



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