Overwatch Dead by Daylight

An asymmetrical survival co-op game

  • Play as killer or survivor and use the tools at your disposal to either escape or eliminate your enemies
  • One killer and up to 6 survivors can play at once. Repair speed will auto-adjust to the player count
  • Game mechanics, controls, and win conditions are all similar to the original game

Each survivor has one DBD perk and one OW ability

Overwatch Hero Perk / Ability
No Mither / Shadowstep
Firecracker / Recall
Self Care / Guardian Angel
Object of Obsession / Combat Roll
Spine Chill / Sprint
Urban Evasion / Call Mech
Head On / Ice Wall
Breakout / Seismic Slam
Adrenaline / Coalescence
Appraisal / Dynamite
Technician / Overload
Lithe / Deflect
Decisive Strike / Wall Climb
Stake Out / Widow's Kiss
Tenacity / Shield Bash
Deliverance / Concussive Blast
Flip Flop / Concussion Mine
Poised / Focusing Beam
Alert / Photon Projector
Left Behind / Exo-Boots
Second Wind / Soundwave

Each killer has a unique power inspired by DBD

Overwatch Hero Dead by Daylight Killer
The Trapper (Bear Trap)
The Hillbilly (Chainsaw Dash)
The Wraith (Cloak)
The Nurse (Blink)
The Shape (Stalk)
The Cannibal (Chainsaw Frenzy)
The Clown (Afterpiece Tonic)
The Spirit (Phasewalk)
The Ghostface (Night Shroud)
The Trickster (Showstopper)
The Deathslinger (Redeemer)
The Legion (Feral Frenzy)
The Hag (Black Catalyst)
The Huntress (Hatchets)

I've created DBD content on YT for years now and this is my second remake of this mode. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Players | 1 - 7
Categories: Elimination
Heroes:, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, Ashe, and 13 more...
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