Sigma boss fight PVE


Here is a great boss fight mode i created.
You will face a sigma controlled by A.I. which has unique paterns !
The dificulty will also raise when it life drops under specific levels.

While able to pick between mcree soldier, genji, hanzo, junkrate and ashe, you'll have to face it alone or with friends !
(indeed the difficulty will be updated according to the number of players).

The number of life is equal to the number of player :
When you die you'll revive but it will take 1 life
Once this number drop to 0, game over !

Have a great time !

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Update Log (2)

V 1.1 :
+Add cinematics
+Add HUD

Adjusting the size of the boss to make it look more like a boss fight
Adjusting the way life points were calculated

Now played on the night map

Bug correction :
-reaper no longer has incredible speed if cast during the first attack
-a sigma ult in state 3 no longer spawn a doom ult but an other sig ult
-Minor bugs corrected

Nerf :
-cree does 20% less dammage (he was too strong)

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