Escort The President

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This is a game more I put together from scratch in about 6 hours, last night.
I liked the idea of a 1 v 11 style matchup, plus it's my first time seeing more than 6 players on a team.

Play the game as the Assassin or as a Bodyguard. When the game starts, one of the Bodyguards are randomly elected to President. It's your job to work together and protect the President

The President must stay near the Payload or else he will begin to lose health. However the President is still able to move some distance away from the Payload, and can hide inside nearby structures to evade sniper fire.

The Assassin is a very powerful class, and all of her stats have been reworked to maximize utility, damage resistance, and damage potential. Her SMG and Venom mines now deal enough damage to take out anyone very quickly.

The SMG is still rapid-fire, but hits with the lethality of a shotgun - you do not want to get close! Her Venom mines deal modular damage, stripping off most of a player's health over time.

The Assassin is able to cloak herself automatically simply by not attacking. She will activate her cloak after a short duration.

The Cloak will deactivate if the Assassin does any kind of attack or if she aims down her sights (ADS). While ADS, time will slow down and the Assassin will be able to make more accurate shots. Find her and find cover!

All characters are built with a simple philosophy.

Healing is greatly discouraged. Try not to take damage. You cannot recover health once you lose it.

Once you die, no respawns. If the President or the Assassin dies, the game ends.

Your characters are fitted with the latest in Defense technology. An Armored ballistics vest to absorb lethal damage. Each vest comes equipped with Barrier, which has been reworked to absorb more damage than normal.

You will take more damage once the Barrier fails.

Each Bodyguard has 50 base health. 150 Armor. And 100 Barrier.

Both the Assassin and the President have 100 base health. 100 Armor. And 200 Barrier.

There are many ways to play, and I've placed a certain focus on rewarding skill. I've tested the game against well-known ideas and play styles, and the game has gotten very positive reception by many players.

Play smart, and the Game rewards you! Have fun!

I am still working on new features and gameplay mechanics! Feel free to join my discord server!


Categories: Boss Mode, Survival, Protect
Maps: Dorado, Havana, Junkertown, Rialto, Route 66, and 6 more...
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Current version: 1.01



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