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Giant VS Tinys

Its normal Overwatch, Excpet One team is giant and one team is tiny, Of coruse thats not it, There is some fetures in the game and some more being worked on.

Fetures in game.

-Custom Scaling
-Custom Ults
-Balance changes
-Disabled heros (for balance)

Fetures being worked on

-More Custom ults
-And more balance changes

Working on

-Custom Hero(Done)
-Custom ults(2 more)
-Play testing

Giants Pros and cons


-Large HP pool
-Fast Projectile Speed


-Too big to fit in some places
-Easy target
-Less dmg
-High Abilty CD

Tinys Pros and Cons


-Speedy mofos
-Less abilty CD
-Higher dmg


-Less hp
-higher Ult charge
-Weak if no support
-Dies easily if alone

Am mostly brain storming ideas for custom ults for widowmaker and mercy as of right now hoping to change Mei's aswell.

Heros with custom ults (Lore Included)

-Tiny Tracer(lore) Snice Over watch was recalled, Winston and Torbjorn started making some upgrades to some of the heros ults, Tracer wanted hers to be better, As she didn't like her sticky bomb so much I wonder why.
So Winston Made her core able to outrun Time it self, To where she is so fast, That time feels slower!

-Big Winston(Lore) Winston Got tried of being the last one to the payload, He is too slow and his leap takes so much of his energy, Thats when it clicked for him, Rocket boots, He made boots thats made him as fast as Tracer and a jump of a bapists, Only downsides is that They overcharge easily and need time to reset, And once he uses them, he becomes weaker due to the fumes that the boots release.

Big Mercy(Lore) No lore Mercy heals at 240% rate no matter dmg for 30 secs, can not shoot but is able to fire and revive

Tiny Sigma(Lore) Sigma figured out how to harvest gravity even more, At the cost of the last drop of sanity he has, He throws enemys in the air, And takes them back down at insane Speed Causing dmg, (120dmg every sec for 4 secs)

_Any feedback would be great send it at AlxeIsOg#6358 .
And I take feedback while in game aswell In game tag is Monke.

Players | 1 - 10
Categories: Team Deathmatch
Heroes: D.va, Junker Queen, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, and 26 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: V4.1.2

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