GRAVITY BEAT! | Prevent Lucio from using his Ultimate

Gravity Beat! by NightKnight#2947 Code: 7QNG9

How to play:

As a Lucio player, you just need to use your ultimate and touch the ground to gain points. But the attackers will try to prevent you from touching the ground, e.g. Doomfist Uppercut.

If the attackers keep a lucio 60s in-air, they will gain a point.

This gamemode is hard to balance! Keep this in mind. A Lucio just wont reach the ground when playing against 5+ players or similiar. I may add more balancing rules to it in the future.

In the orange Workshop options, you can change the workshop easily.

Have fun!

Players | 1 - 11
Categories: Miscellaneous
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Version: 1.0



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