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You battle up to 7 others in a deathmatch to juggle opponents off the edge using custom attacks to win.

Vulnerability is the amount of knockback applied to the user, it increases with different attacks up to a 2x knockback multiplier. It decays at a rate of 3% per second.

Primary fire

* A sonic projectile hacks the opponent hit for 1.5 seconds
* Sonic projectile increaces the oppenent hit's vulnerability by 4 per projectile hit.
* Sonic projectile grants 4% ultimate charge per projectile hit.
* Sonic amplifier has 3 ammo, so has to be reloaded after every burst.

Secondary fire

* Soundwave knocks the oppenent hit back.
* Soundwave grants 10% ultimate charge per opponent hit.
* Soundwave increaces the oppenent hit's vulnerability by 10.


* Melee stuns the oppenent hit for 1 second.
* Melee grants 10% ultimate charge per opponent hit.
* Hitting another player with a melee increaces their vulnerability by 10.
* Hitting a melee reloads sonic amplifier.

Sound Barrier

* Sound Barrier stuns the opponents hit for 3 seconds.
* Sound Barrier increaces the opponents hit vulnerability by 50.

Château Guillard is the official map but other maps will work, if you add other maps, these are suggested:

Black forest
Lijiang Tower Garden

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Players | 1 - 8
Categories: Minigames
Heroes: Lúcio
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