Mann vs Machine

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Mann vs Machine
A 4 player co-op where you have to destroy waves of robots attempting to seize your point.

In this gamemode your job is to destroy robots trying to complete an objective. To stop this you and up to 3 others can upgrade your hero through money dropped by bots. There are a few base upgrades for all heroes, and then theres character specific ones that upgrade parts of your kit. To get these upgrades robots will drop green orbs. Each is worth 9 cash and have to be collected within 10s. All money collected is given to all team members, so be a team player.


Simply press start to start the game. Select your hero, and then go to the center of the map (Not necessarily the objective) to buy an upgrade. Robots will pour out of the enemy spawn and will take a specific path to the point. It might be helpful to memorize the path.



As Roadhog, your job is to draw enemy fire and eliminate individual targets at a time.

As Hammond, your job is to deal decent damage to a hoard of bots, allowing your team to clean up the remains.


As Tracer, you'll mostly be wanting to collect money just out of reach from your teammates and make sure your economy is stable. Your ultimate also allows quick cleanup of large groups of bots.

As Bastion, your main goal is to mow down large groups of enemies. You'll need support from your teammates however as a still target is made mince meat quickly, and you arent able to quickly grab cash from eliminated bots.

As Sombra, you want to be hacking healthpacks so your team can remain stable. You are also able to fully shutdown a robot with your Hack, and completly shut down a swarm of bots with your ultimate.

As Widowmaker, you want to be thinning the heard 1 by 1. You can make quick work of bots that can sometimes slip past the front line.


As Mercy, you want to be flying from teammate to teammate helping them stay healthy. Mercy is also the only hero who can bring a defeated ally back into the fray, making her a vary vital asset to the team.

As Lucio, you can help keep your whole team alive by yourself. Your upgrades allow you to delay and clump the bots together, as well as making sure your team is healthy.

Robot Types
The Machine invasion isnt just a mass production of bots like the invasion of Bastion units was. During the steady waves of them, more and better units will be deployed to break through your defenses.

Basic infantry troops, they make up the bulk of the assault. Their Rockets are slow and deal low damage, but when getting hit by alot the damage can rack up quickly.

Heavy Units, they are able to self-medicate on the battlefield, along with pulling you in to their single shot shotgun. These units deal big damage up close, to a possible 500hp.

A nimple unit made to break through enemy lines and capture points of intrest quickly. Do not underestimate them though as they still deal a fair chunk of damage, even from range.

The Tank, it moves slowly and does not have a weak point. Its very strong and has a ton of health. It will buff the units around it, but will have a hard time keeping up with them.

Challenges and Difficultys

Easy - Can be beaten with 2-3 players, and can be beaten solo with a bit of practice, luck, and skill.

Cut Coin - 50% less money dropped from robots
Locked Out - Your team's ultimates are disabled.


I always appreciate feedback and will answer your questions, but i want to clear up some now to save yourself and my time.

Discord: https://discord.gg/JrPWFqsN3B
If you wish to ask questions or give feedback, my discord server is a good place to go.

Will there be more heroes/can you add this hero?

I'm very selective when it comes to me picking new heroes for this mode. I want it to have a fair bit of interaction with the game, have cool abilities that work well with upgrades, and aren't invincible in one way or another.

Will Torbjorn and Symmetra be added?

I'm sorry to say but I doubt I will ever add them. Their deployable turrets cannot be destroy if place right and would be way too easy. There is currently no way to track the position of a player's ability.

Will there be more gamemodes/challenges?

I plan to release a few difficulties, then special challenges, and if I can find one that's fun I will add different gamemodes. There will also be more maps to play on as well, hopefully having different difficulties in their own right.

Will there be more upgrades?

Absolutely, I plan to have 4 for each hero. Although, I want to take my time to think of more fun ideas that feel good to buy. But expect this to be the most updated feature.

Will there be different maps?

Most likely in the near future, but only control for now as figure out how the other maps will function. Payload maps will most likely never get added.

Special Thanks To:
Norable - Who helped tremendusly with setting up the Robot's walking path. This gamemode would have not been possible without them.

Players | 1 - 4
Categories: Survival, Protect, PvE
Heroes: Roadhog, Wrecking Ball, Bastion, Sombra, Tracer, and 2 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0


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