Note that all of this wouldn't be possible without a friend.

This is my first thing that I'm uploading so... I guess here's my list of the heroes I changed (Aka all of them):

Ana - Infinite sleep.

Ashe - Infinite Bob (Unless he dies), additional damage cuz gun, no cooldown for the knockback gun, and less cooldown for dynamite.

Baptiste - Invincibility doesn't work, additional damage cuz gun.

Bastion - BIG additional damage cuz guns, he can't regenerate himself too, more ammo.

Brigitte - Less cooldown for shield bash.

McCree - Boosted damage, can roll faster.

Doomfist - No ultimate, additional damage, faster attack.

D.Va - Explosion kills everyone, additional damage cuz gun, can use the matrix longer, more knockback for summoning mech and the flying thing, also no cooldown for flying thing, a little less hp.

Echo - Disabled flight, additional damage cuz explosives and stuff.

Genji - Disabled deflect, less cooldown for the cut, more damage cuz cyborg.

Hanzo - Disabled dragonstrike, disabled double jump, less damage, 12 arrow ability thing, no cooldown for sonic arrow.

Junkerqueen - Jagged Blade 0% cooldown. 200% damage dealt, 70% health. Commanding Shout disabled.

Junkrat - BIG damage cuz EXPLOSIVES, ultimate has friendly fire.

Kiriko - Protection Sunzu disabled. Primary Fire disabled. Ultimate disabled.

Lucio - Less cooldown for sound wave ability thing.

Mei - Additional damage because frostbite, also increased cooldown for both of her abilities, enemies on fire when frozen, also enemies wait 50 seconds to be unfrozen.

Mercy - Disabled secondary fire (Boosting damage thing), also disabled ressurection and ultimate.

Moira - Disabled her orbs and the sucking thing.

Orisa - Additional damage cuz gun.

Phara - LOTS OF DAMAGE, infinite fuel, no cooldown for jump thing.

Ramattra - Primary Fire ammonition 30% (If I disable primary fire he can't punch in nemesis mode). Vertical Jump Speed reduced (bro's made outta metal). Nemesis Form 0% cooldown. Ravenous Vortex disabled. Infinite Ultimate duration. 150% Health. 150% Damage.

Reaper - Additional damage cuz gun.

Reinhardt - +HP, no dash thing cooldown, more damage.

Roadhog - -HP, actually no hook cooldown.

Sigma - Can jump higher.

Sojourn - Distruptor Shot disabled. Power Slide 0% cooldown. Ultimate generation 500%. 200% damage. 150% health. Jump Vertical Speed 50%. Railgun charge rate 500%.

Soldier: 76 - Additional damage cuz gun.

Sombra - Disabled turning invisible, but no cooldown for hacks, additional damage cuz gun, disabled the teleport thing, 200% speed cuz in invisible mode she can be that fast.

Symmetra - Disabled teleporter.

Torbjorn - Disabled rage thing, no cooldown for placing sentry.

Tracer - Disabled going back and forward in time (aka both of her abilities), a little faster.

Widowmaker - Made ult permament, BIG additional damage cuz BIG gun, no cooldown for the hook thing, and infinite poison.

Winston - Made him able to go infinitely monke rage, also increased his knockback with his ult, stuns any robotic hero, more knockback and less cooldown for his jump.

Wrecking Ball - Additional damage cuz gun, no turning into ball too.

Zarya - Disabled her ultimate, her barriers have no cooldown, she is faster.

Zenyatta - The bad orb thing and ultimate is disabled.

Have fun time playing!
Also I will be updating the game thing.

Players | 1 - 10
Heroes:, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.3.0



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