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Fight for glory in close quarters smash like combat with (currently) 4 brutal pit fighters of your choice
Knocking your opponents into the air will allow you to knock them even farther into the waters below
most abilities will have different properties in the air and change how you use them drastically
Every character has; atleast two tools to move themself around and recover, Atleast one tool to make opponents airborne, and atleast one tool to knock opponents away
Below every character description will have tips underneath to give you the best chance of being the most feared warrior to step who stepped into the ring

General heads up:
Any ability that acts differently in the air and lasts for some time will have their air effect if you go off into the air while using your ability. Whether you are using an ability and walk off stage, or get hit into the air, the air version will usually take over

Host options:
Pressing interact will allow you to summon torbs and replenish your ult for testing. Crouch to rid of thy torbs

Reinhardt (basically finished):

Reinhardt swing: The perfect tool to knock your opponents away, hitting airborne opponents will send them flying in the direction the hammer swings

Firestrike: The speed of the projectile will be determined by if you are in the air or the on the floor. Airborne itlll be slower than usual but on ground itll be considerablly faster.
While using firestrike in the air, itll send you forward; becoming a fantastic movement option for you.
Hitting a grounded opponent with firestrike will launch them up in the air
Hitting an opponent who is airborne with firestrike will strike them down as well as hacking them

Charge: IMPORTANT! Charge works as normal but can be canceled with primary fire (Yes this information is vital as most end up killing themselves when using charge and not knowing this)
While in the air, using charge will send you high into the air. Being useful for movement and recovering

Shield: It works the same, dont forget to use it

Earth shatter: Hitting an opponent with Shatter will knock them into the air as well as hack them momentarily
Shattet has a new unique property where using it will send you into the direction you are facing. While facing straightforward or lower, it will not move you far enough to influence your next move. However looking anywhere upwards will allow you to send yourself anywhere into the air, becoming both a fantastic confirm for knocking opponents off and a potential movement option, but only one or the either. The option is yours

Rein recovery:
While offstage, use your charge to gain the upward send off and immedietly cancel it to fire strike yourself forward. Repeat this till your at the rocky terrain to find geometry that will aid in you getting back into the swing of things

Rein tips:

Although hitting an opponent with a swing after fire strike is a good option, charge also serves many ways in getting enemies off stage. Pinning an enemy and canceling when you get near a ledge followed up by a swing is a consistent way of throwing them off. The knockback from a nearby rein charge is one of the most intense in this mode as well

Jumping in the air to charge and fire strike sends you higher than most characters and is a fantastic way to approach, as well as a surprisingly good option to have your opponent lose track of you

Jumping into the air to charge is also a great way to dodge attacks that cannot be shielded

Fire strike may be hard to land but a predictable recovering opponent is easy to get the strike spike with

If standing next to ledge as your opponent tries to recover near you, swinging at the edge creates a constant and powerful threat that your oppnent has to worry about

Opponents with disjointed or long ranged knock up tools can hit you while charging to activate your air charge, causing you to be sent high into the air. You can either cancel before being hit to shield or let yourself he hit into the air to fire strike yourself back towards them

Rein Rundown: Though he likely has the least flexible movement, hes consistently powerful and has a way to deal with every situation as well as the most vertical recovery making getting back easier to learn with him than most. Overall incredibly well rounded and plays like a raging bull, Shattering his opponents dreams of winning as a force to be wrecken with

Roadhog (ironing out):

Roadhog general info: Around roadhog will be a red ring, Roadhog cannot damage enemies outside of this ring with his primary

Primary fire: This move is currently slightly buggy
Grounded opponents who are shot will be knocked into the up, being shot by this weapon when air borne will knock them in the direction you are facing
This attack being from a gun gives it considerably more distance than most characters tools but is less powerful in knockback than most

secondary fire: The secondary fire does not fire his gun, instead it will have him melee and send him farward. Holding the secondary fire will have him repeat this function faster than mashing the melee button would

Melee: Hitting an opponent with melee will send an opponent downward regardless of in air or ground (meaning basically it doesnt send them anywhere on the ground), As well as hacking them temparily. Using this ability in the air also sends Roadhog forward and up, becoming a useful movement option, flexible approach tool, and recovery option.

Take a breather: On the ground this ability acts the same but with the lack of damage focus on this mode, the main use doesnt come with its healing properties. Using the inhaler in the air will give him small upward boosts, allowing him to move freely while doing a succesion of small midair jumps. Becoming a movement tool that can be canceled with any of your other moves.

Hook: On the ground hook acts as normal, In the air however itll teleport you ontop of the opponent. acting as a meathook knock off. Can be used as a potential recovery tool

WholeHog: I forgot to finish giving this move its overhaul but currently in the air it sends you back and up while shooting. still sends opponents backwards but soon itll have the following: Sends you in the opposite direction you are facing when firing when in the air, and can be canceled using other moves

Roadhog recovery:
Use your inhaler and once its finsihed healing you up, hold secondary to punch twice. by this time the breather should be off cooldown and you can repeat. Continue till youve reached the rocks at stage to find geometry that will help you get back up to reek havack

Roadhog tips:
Roadhog generally has some trouble fighting near the center, but has the potential to juggle characters in the air for some time. He also thrives primarily at ledge

Staying close to an opponent and using take a breather while in the air makes it hard for your opponent to keep track of you as you are able to play as a thick genji

Although landing hook may be hard on opponents with wild constant movement, it reaches outside of your danger circle, allowing you to pull in enemies you would be unable to effect otherwise

Your air dash style secondary carries alot of momentum allowing you to move very fast and freely when airborne or just jumping and punching

When trying to hook an opponent, you can jump as you throw it to bring you to them when you land it

After teleporting to an opponent who is in the air. Looking downward and punching them will send them down and hacking them. Doing this to them offstage usually guarentees death

Because your gun sends them in the direction you fired, staying at ledge and firing down at opponents in range is a fantasic way of keeping them down

After knocking an opponent into the air, waiting till theyre lower in the air to fire at them again will help you line up for a hook

Roadhog Rundown: Can be tricky to handle as though a bit less straightforward than the others, he has his ways of getting you where he wants. Might be one of the weakest of the bunch in an average players hands, but one with exceptional aim can lay waste to endless crowds (its scary when it happens)

Doomfist (Ironing out):

Primary fire: These shotgun pellets have one main feature and that being that they hack, though you only get to shoot once before a lengthy reload

Rocket punch: A powerful strike forward that only gets stronger when used in the air. When the user charges in the air however, it lowers his gravity momentarily. Allowing the user to stay in air longer, it also carries his momentum when gravity lowers

Uppercut: Due to this move putting doom into the air automatically, I decided against adding an extra air function here. Uppercutting airborne opponents send then really high its funni

Slam: This move has something weird going on since i tried adding an extra air function with it also sending you into the air
Hitting an opponent with this move will slow them temporaily
When you are around jump height or above, midair it will give you an extra boost upwards. This allows you to go farther with your slam and becomes more effective as an approach option. The main funky that happens is that using the ability when the slam isnt close enough to the ground to slam will still boost you upwards slightly. In turn i have made it for that it will be put onto a long cool down until you touch the ground for that you cannot cheese and fake slam up to the roof. Slam comes with one more function howver and that is that it can be canceled with any other move, mimicking its future ow2 super slam look. Creating more approach options and variation than currently possible

Meteor strike: When striking an opponent with this, it both sleeps and hacks them, becoming a fantastic setup option

Doom recovery: Rocket punch and uppercut before finding rocks to rocket yourself up. Use your bugged slam jump if you really need it.

Doom tips:
Firing at an opponent and hacking generally means their turn is over and gives you the opportunity to throw them around. specifically hacking hog ult and rein charge is a fantastic way of using this

Most of what you could learn from doom sumo applies here

Since I cant think of much more for tips for doom, Heres recovery tip for how Doomtank will most likely function from personal testing. You first will want to look up and use super slam, then immedietly cancel with your block ability. From my experince it carries more momentum than punch. As you get to the top, youll want to charge your punch to send yourself forward

Doomfist rundown:
Doomfisf is a monster of a man, ready to throw down and throw you around in an instant. Likely one of the best characters with both his strong set of tools as well as so many already knowing how to play a similar style from doom sumo
Despite the competition getting some tools, your extra improvements will have your opponents and earth crumbling beneath your feet

Genji (ironing out):

Genji general info: You will have to pop ult immidetly cause your shurikins are canceled but ult lasts forever. originally shurikins wouldve done stuff but it just didnt end up feeling good

Primary fire: Genji has multiple new uses with his sword. While you are in the air, hitting the opponent will allow you to pogo on them. When the opponent is grounded, Hitting them will knock them up. When they are in the air, striking them will send them downwards

Swift strike: This move when striking an opponent will send them back almost like an omni directional doomfist punch, of course sending them flying when they are airborne

Reflect: Though this move still interacts with the enemy the same as before. It will also send hin up slighty and change his gravity momentarily. Allowing him to float as he throws baxk anything you throw at him. This can be canceled with any move and reflecting a move will cancel the cool down on swift strike

Dragonblade: it allows him to use the only primary activated

Genji recovery: Either look up to swift strike and then reflect or reflect and then swift strike till your back near stage. Its best to save your double jump and wall climb for when yoy really need them to make sure they dont get lost if you get edge gaurded

Genji tips: swinging at your opponent to knock them up and immeditly swift striking them is an easy and consistent way to throw them off stage

After pogoing off an opponent twice, for some reason it will not allow you to pogo on them again. This two strike limit can be reset multiple ways other than landing on the ground. Double jumping, using either ability, or pogoing off another opponent will all reset the counter

While you pogo on an enemy, it will continue to throw them up and down. If near ledge and you pogo while knocking them up, you can swift strike to send them down off stage

Because every tool you have can be used for movement and that your primary spikes, you can often go off stage to attack opponents with much less risk than other characters would

Despite having so many tools movement, when far far away from stage; your recovery becomes considerable weaker than other characters recoveries. Meaning its even more essential you both avoid getting knocked off, and that you get back to stage as soon as you can

Genji Rundown: The once hard to catch high energy cyborg has gotten a paint job and even harder to catch. With so many options you can stay on top of your opponent and leave them constantly guessing.
Swiftly leaving no chance for the others to win as he strikes them down

Players | 1 - 12
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Current version: Version 1.0

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