Kill/Emote to Grow (v2.x)

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Kill/Emote to Grow v2.x

Originally Created by Idontheal. Adapted/Edited/Revamped by Riotline


Simple gamemode which utilises the scaling mechanic in the workshop to indicate and reward levelling up. Collect and gain experience through spawned orbs, emoting, or eliminations. Every level you gain, the bigger and stronger you get. Fight for the top spot of the game while you wait for queue or just for fun. For fairness, Levels 40+ are generally prohibited from harming those below level 40.

Workshop Settings (Before Starting Lobby, Go to Settings and into Workshop Settings):

  • Host Privileges |Toggle| (Restart Required)
    • D.va Character is "admin hero"
    • Host Menu (Crouch + Reload to Switch Between Actions, Crouch + Interact to Initiate)
      • Add Levels to Self or Others
      • Heal yourself
      • Toggle Super Speed
      • Insta-kill Targets
      • Hack/Freeze Target for 5s
      • Purge Everyone
  • Auto Kill 'Baby-Killers' |Toggle|
  • 'Baby-Killer' Warnings Before Auto Kill |Number|
  • Emote EXP Multiplier |Number|
  • Map Ring Size |Number| (Affects Orb Spawning)
  • Immortality After Respawning |Number| (Seconds)

Experience Orbs (Currently Limited - Check To-Do List):

  • Chance Orbs
    • |+| 50x Levels (1%)
    • |-| 5s Freeze (2%)
    • |+| Hack Everyone for 5s (1.25%)
    • |+| Random Hero Change (10%)
    • |-| 3s Sleep (20%)
    • |+| JACKPOT Levels (0.6%)
    • Fallback: |+| 5x Levels
  • Legendary Orbs: 8x Levels
  • Rare Orbs: 4x Levels
  • Common Orbs: 1x Levels

Emote to Gain Experience

  • Use any emote to gain a proportionate amount of exp every so often.

To-do List.

  • Decouple the Orb Generation to Individual Variable (✓ Ready for v2.6)
  • Workshop Settings for Orb Respawn Rate (✓ Ready for v2.6)
  • Workshop Settings for Orb Count and Reward Amount (✓ Ready for v2.6)
  • Multi-Map Support
  • Fix Orb Spawning Outside of Spawning Cylinder
  • Add Additional Chance Options

Any Questions, Feedback, or Requests are Welcome!

Heroes: Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, Winston, and 24 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.5.1

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