Hunger Games Classic


May the odds be ever in your favor

Hunger Games Classic is a recreation of minecraft survival games in overwatch. Players drop items on death. Be the last and may the odds be ever in your favor!

  • Players spawn as random heroes around the 'cornucopia' and all abilities are disabled except for melee
  • There are item spheres scattered around the map that return one ability at random. Eliminating players will make them drop their collected items.
  • When there are 3 players left or if match time is at 2 minutes, the safe zone will begin to shrink.
  • Last player alive wins the round! The game will auto-reset. First to win 3 rounds wins!

Note: The Sponsors seem to like an underdog. Players with the lowest scores might get sponsored every now and then...

The intro says Be the Last, which I now realize is from The 100. Oops haha. Hope you enjoy!

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Update Log (4)

Minor Changes #2

  • Increased player speed and gravity from 50% to 75% (includes jump height)
  • Increased projectile speed and gravity from 50% to 75%
  • Moved item reset to Game Start Rule from Assemble Heroes Reset (properly resets items now)
  • Changed mode from Start Immediately to Start Manually

Major Bug Fix

  • Fixed a typo that resulted in an infinite loop during sponsor rule

Minor Changes

  • Added delay between default respawn and player setup to prevent players from spawning away from the cornucopia.
  • Reduced score to win from 30 to 3
  • Re-enabled Reinhardt
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