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Welcome to Omni-Ball!

Omni-Ball is a fast-paced and dynamic mini-game that combines the mechanics of traditional "tag" with ball sports, tailored to the unique abilities of the Overwatch heroes. With its free-for-all nature and straightforward scoring system, Omni-Ball ensures a seamless and exciting gaming experience, accommodating players joining or leaving at any point.

The goal of Omni-Ball is to hold onto the "Omni-Ball" for as long as possible. The player who manages to hold the Omni-Ball for the longest duration by the end of the game will emerge as the winner.


Free-For-All: At the start of the game, the Omni-Ball spawns at a central location. The first player who reaches it gains possession. Other players must try to tag the ball holder by dealing damage, which transfers the Omni-Ball to the attacker.

Omni-Ball Effects: The player holding the Omni-Ball receives a boost in movement speed but is unable to use most abilities. Evading opponents becomes their primary means of defense. Additionally, the Omni-Ball acts as a beacon, adding a status effect to the holding player.

Joining and Leaving: Players have the flexibility to join or leave the game at any time. When a player joins, they spawn in a random location and immediately join the chase. If the player holding the Omni-Ball leaves the game, the ball immediately respawns at the center of the map.

Scoring System: Points accumulate for each second a player holds the Omni-Ball. A live leaderboard keeps track of the points earned by each player. At the end of the game or when a player leaves, their accumulated points secure their position on the leaderboard.

Hero Balance: Each hero retains their standard abilities for combat against other players. However, all damaging abilities equally transfer the Omni-Ball. This rule ensures a balanced playing field among the heroes, emphasizing the thrill of intense chases rather than combat efficiency.

Omni-Ball guarantees a fun and chaotic experience, where the tide of the game can shift in an instant. By utilizing the existing mechanics and maps of Overwatch in a new and unique way, Omni-Ball caters to players of all types, whether they can only spare a few minutes or are up for an extended gaming session.

Enjoy Omni-Ball and strive to become the ultimate Omni-Ball champion!

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Team Deathmatch
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 32 more...
Maps: Ilios
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0


Take the first Omni-Ball
Take the first Omni-Ball
Take the first Omni-Ball
Take the first Omni-Ball
Take the first Omni-Ball



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