3 CP Cycle



There are three control points on the map: A, B and C. The attacking team has to capture those points, the defending team has to protect them. Capturing a point gives 1 point. When all points are captured, point A opens up again and the cycle repeats. When time runs out, the teams are swapped. The team with the most points wins!

Categories | Team Deathmatch
Heroes | All
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.3.0


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Update Log (3)


  • Reduced defenders' respawn time to 6 seconds (When attackers got into the rhythm, it was often quite difficult for defenders to get back in rhythm. This change attemps to litigate that problem.)
  • The 'Contested!' message will no longer show when there are no attackers on point
  • Reduced round length to 5 minutes (was 7)


  • Added Ecopoint: Antarctica
  • Condensed the rules checking for event maps into a single rule (since their point locations are the same anyway)
  • Capture speed now has diminishing returns
  • This is so that players can't pile up on the point and capture it near-instantly
  • Reduced the time bonus when capturing a point to 15 (was 30)
  • This is so that the games won't go on forever
  • Added a message when capturing point
  • In playtesting, I saw that players didn't notice when the point was captured, including me. This is to litigate that problem.
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