Did your tank player sleep through scrims again? Well you're in luck!

Import this code and you'll have your very own Winston AI. No one will even know the difference :)

The Winston AI (aka Smurf) is capable of:

  • sticking with your teammates *especially your Ana
  • jumping in and out when it has the resources to
  • strafing/dodging the enemies' shots
  • juggling enemies with primal *he doesn't know the tech yet tho :(
  • meleeing at opportune times *after jump and when enemy is just low enough health
  • popping bubble at opportune times *probably won't stay in it - let me get barrier data blizzard ughhh
  • not walking off the map *chance he might stil jump off the map
  • almost perfect accuracy with sniper shots *he's gotta be a little human
  • and more!


  • leave last spot open on blue team
  • press Start Game Mode
  • Winton


  • Seita for inspiration from his Rein AI
  • my Northeastern test monkeys cough i mean friends for helping me playtest
  • and Top 500 Winston player Squeak for being no help with answering my Primal Juggling question >:(


Players | 1 - 9
Categories: Scrims
Tags: ai scrim winston
Heroes: Winston
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0

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