New Hero/Duels Mode Mechanics (TimeFreezer) by Sneaky676#2532

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New sniper mechanics demonstration. Widow as Timefreezer.

Short vids

  1. Demo 1
  2. Demo 2

Mode Rules:

  • Health = 400 (for comfort duels, due to damage falls off anyway, so you can actually use ability(or just scope in) after got hit)
  • Scope In = damaging yourself over time (independent of time speed) and freezing time at (damaged divided by max health) percent.
  • Scope Out = Healing back over time (independent of time speed) the damage dealt by ability and restoring back the time.
  • Every kill you get penalty on timefreeze ability: until you heal back all timefreeze-lost hp, you wont be able to use time freeze ability again.
  • Every kill you get healed by a half of final blow damage you made multiplied by timefreeze ratio. Low time to kill => more extra hp gained from kill => less wait penalty time to use ability again. If time to kill is high => less extra hp gained => more wait penalty time
  • Few players scenario: Slow motion is sets by most powerful freezing ability every moment (so who holds scope longer than others - makes time freeze)


Defaults: self DPS = 30, self HPS = 50

  • Voice Line Up - Increase self DPS of ability
  • Voice Line Down - Decrease self DPS of ability
  • Voice Line Right - Increase self HPS of ability
  • Voice Line Left - Decrease self HPS of ability

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