Maze creator for overwatch (Build your own maze under 5 minutes!)

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.


With this application, you can create your mazes and play them on overwatch!

You can download it on my Github page


These codes are some examples created by this tool

  • N7R0Q
  • NN9VQ
  • 2752QR
  • More examples will be available soon!


  • .NET Framework 4.7.2+ (Click on this link to download it)
  • Windows Vista SP2 and above

How to use this app

  • Simply create your maze in the "Map editor" tab (If you need more information about the details, click on the "Tips" button at the buttom) add subtitle to your game mode if you want and change the settings.
  • After you done, click on "Copy the code to clipboard". and then go yo overwtach, go to custom games and import this code: 5HY5V, then go to "Settings", then click on "Workshop", and then put your code in the 'Paste your code here' rule.
  • Then start the game and enjoy!

One last thing

This application is open source. Means the source code of this project is available for free and you can see how it's created or even change it whatever you like.

Feel free to report any bugs or suggest new futures in the comment section or on GitHub.

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Version: 0.1

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