Note: This game mode can be set up to play in a variety of different ways that greatly changes the experience. Different game mode objectives are described further down.

It's like Battle Royale but it's not

Like your typical Battle Royale shooter expirence all players spawn at a high altitude above the map. You start out as a weak character (or hero, as this is Overwatch), without any gear and may "parachute" to anywhere on the map.

And just like in those kinds of Battle Royale games there’s loot containers everywhere on the map that can be looted to gain powerful items, or to switch heroes (as this is Overwatch).

The objective is to build your character as strong as possible either by looting containers or killing your enemies and steal their items, and win by clearing the conditions set by the game lobby.

But here the similarities end, and the overwatch experience begins!

Mercy: Starter hero

All players start as this hero high above ground. Basically this hero allows for the parachuting phase in which you can transport yourself where you want to go on the map. Killing Mercy does not award any points.

Hero adjustments
  • 90% reduced damage.

  • Max ammo set to 1.

Mercy perks
  • Can see the contents of loot containers containing heroes prior to looting them. This makes for an interesting decision of which part of the map to glide/drop to based on which hero you want to play

  • Damage dealt puts enemy to sleep for 5 seconds. There's a short cooldown before the same target can be slept again.

  • Ability 1 can be used to dash forward. Has a short cooldown.

The loot

Loot is what makes each play experience fresh. As the loot is randomly distributed across the map you'll have to adapt your strategy according to the loot you equip. Certain combinations of items and heroes synergizes very well, but spending too much time finding the perfect combination may lose you valuable progress towards the objective. Including the 20 lootable heroes there are over 100 different items to loot.

Besides looting heroes, each player have 3 loot slots and may equip one of each different category of items.

  • Weapon mod
  • Body mod
  • Consumable

When looting an item of the same category as an already filled loot slot you are offered to swap.

All health packs have been removed from the map, but you can heal 10% of max health when opening any not recently looted loot container. The last 5 opened containers counts as recently looted.

When killed you drop all currently equiped items.

You don't really need to know much more than the basic mechanics of looting items to play this game mode, but in case you want a more in depth description of what all items do here's the list:

Weapon mods

Generally mods that modify offensive actions, such as adding effects when firing your primary weapon, dealing damage, meleeing etc.

Marksman 50% more critical damage. Deals 25% more damage to enemies farther than 20m away.
Lethal shot Deal double damage for 1.5 seconds every 6 seconds.
Power shot Every 6 seconds, the next hit deals 50% extra damage and stuns.
Ice projectiles Firing primary also fires additional ice projectiles.
Explosive mod Every 100 damage dealt causes an area explosion on target.
Incendiary mod 30% of damage dealt is dealt as extra burning damage over time.
Freezing mod Has a chance to freeze players hit. Chance is based on damage dealt.
Crippling mod Lowers movement speed and disables jump of players hit for 3 seconds.
Enfeebling mod Enemies hit deal 50% less damage for 3 seconds.
Power fist Quick melee stuns and knocks the enemy back and grants 60 overhealth. Also grants the Ground slam ability.
  • Look downward and melee to trigger Ground slam. It damages and knocks enemies back and grants 30 overhealth. Also knocks you away in the opposite direction.
Life leech Heal 30% of damage dealt.
Disruptor shot Has a chance to hack players hit for 2.5 seconds. Chance is based on damage dealt.
Disruptor glove Quick melee hacks players hit for 2.5 seconds.
Brawler's glove 300% melee damage. Dash. Counter punch.
  • Dash: Leap forward and gain movement speed while meleeing.
  • Counter punch: Stun and punch enemies that hit you with melee or melee type abilities (such as Rocket punch or Carnage).
    High impact hits Double knock back. All damage knocks back enemies.
    Rockets Periodically fire rockets. Can be upgraded to Multi rockets.
    Note: there are two rocket mods in the pool, looting one while wearing the other will permanently upgrade the item to Multi rockets and add it to the pool.
    Multi rockets Periodically fire 3 rockets.
    Shurikens Primary Fire or Melee launches 3 shurikens that can ricochet off walls.
    Note: Genji fires 5 shurikens and may also trigger with Secondary Fire.
    Overdrive Damaging abilities have a 1 second cooldown.
    Overkill Enemies under 30% health explode in a cluster explosion.
    Elemental hit Has a chance to inflict elemental effects. Chance is based on damage dealt.
    • Fire: Deal 60 damage over 3 seconds.
    • Ice: Freeze for 1.1 seconds.
    • Wind: Deal 30-60 damage and launch the enemy up and away.
      Lightning dash Melee to dash forward moving through enemies, stunning and damaging enemies hit.
      Note: Melee cooldown is increased slightly with this mod equipped.
      ZF-1 replay Dealing damage to an enemy marks it. While firing your primary weapon, fire additional homing bullets towards the marked enemy until next reload.
      Burst fire Holding primary fires a burst of three fire projectiles. Initiates once per reload.
      Note: heroes that does not reload instead have a short cooldown.
      Reaper's scythe A slicing melee attack that cut the remaining health of enemies hit in half, or deals 50 damage (whichever is greater), and grants overhealth for half the damage dealt.
      Solar flare Continiously burn nearby enemies when you are actively using abilities.
      Auto aim system Dealing 70 damage in a single hit or dealing a critical hit initiates auto aim for 3 seconds.
      Knuckle shotgun Melee to blast your enemies with lead. Fires 13 pellets that each deal 10 damage. Can critically hit.
      Shoulder cannon Your shoulder cannon automatically targets a nearby enemy in your sights, locking on for 1 second after which it blasts it with 3 high energy shots.
      Bombardment When firing your primary weapon, lob 3 grenades in a burst, each grenade traveling along a different arc.
      Flicker strike Melee to teleport to an enemy in sight. Executes enemies on low health.
      Note: closest enemy on low health and within line of sight is marked.
      Ballistic mod +10% damage dealt. Very fast projectiles.
      Air support Attack with your Primary Fire to strike a targeted location with a bombardment. Has a 6 second cooldown.

      Body mods

      Generally mods that enhance your defensive capabilities such as increased health, damage reduction and movement speed, but may also grant other useful effects or even new abilities.

      Lesser health Adds 75 health.
      Greater health Adds 150 health.
      Lesser armor Adds 75 armor
      Greater armor Adds 150 armor.
      Shield generator Adds 100 shield. Out of combat regeneration active.
      Speed boots Gain 40% movement speed.
      Rocket boots Grants leap attack. Deals 65 damage on impact.
      Note: This ability replaces jump.
      Repair bot Regenerate 20 health per second.
      Growth module Grow into a giant
      • Double size
      • 200% added health
      • 30% added movement speed
      • 20% added damage
      • 10% added damage reduction
        Jet pack Hold jump to fly.
        Quickening Abilities cool down twice as fast.
        Omni boost All stats are increased by 15%.
        • 15% added health
        • 15% added movement speed
        • 15% added damage
        • 15% added damage reduction
        • 15% added projectile speed
        • 15% added healing received
          Phoenix A fiery death. A splendid rebirth. Explode on death and become ressurrect shortly after, keeping all your mods. Has a 60 second cooldown where you can't loot new body mods.
          Nova Taking damage shoots damaging spikes in a nova around you.
          Ice shield Damage taken reduced by 20%. Has a chance to freeze attackers.
          Assassin's implant You can equip 2 weapon mods. Identify the closest weapon mod container.
          Scanner See the contents of the closest loot container in sight.
          Commando Movement abilities have a 1 second cooldown.
          Nullifier Unaffected by enemy weapon mods. Auto EMP.
          • Trigger an EMP when taking a hit that exceeds 30% of maximum health or takes your health to below 30% health.
          Item printer Generate a random consumable when the consumable slot is empty.
          Chemist 300% consumable buff duration. Identify the closest consumable container.
          Treasure hunter Efficient looting. Has a chance to find legendary items.
          • Opens loot containers twice as fast.
          • 300% loot container heal.
          • May reroll non-hero containers once per container.
          Medic Heal 35% of damage taken over 3.5 seconds. Generates a random healing consumable on kill.
          Elusive Become phased out for 1.5 seconds every 4.5 seconds.
          Shrink module Shrink yourself to half size but retain all other stats.
          Quantum travel Grants an additional option when looting. Instead of [Melee] to pick up the item you can instead press [Jump] to teleport yourself to a random location.
          Ward Grants temporary overhealth while afflicted by negative status effects or reloading.

          Legendary Body mods

          Can only be found with the Treasure hunter mod equipped. Has a 15% chance to be looted from any container.

          Power armor Adds 150 armor. +25% damage reduction. Cannot be knocked back.
          Mega health Double health. Heal 20 health per second. +25% healing received.
          Hyper drive +60% movement speed. Abilities cool down twice as fast. Gain 2% ultimate charge per second.


          Items that grant an temporary effect on use. Are used and consumed by pressing the interact key.

          Nano boost Gain Nano boost for 10 seconds.
          Lesser Med kit Heal 125 health, overhealing grants up to 50 overhealth.
          Greater Med kit Heal 250 health, overhealing grants up to 100 overhealth.
          Lesser overhealth Grants 75 overhealth.
          Greater overhealth Grants 150 overhealth.
          Personal teleport Teleport to a random location.
          Note: can't teleport outside of Ring of death.
          Air strike Call in an air strike, bombarding rockets in a straight line.
          Instant ultimate Immediately activate ultimate on use.
          Note: Ultimate charge is not consumed.
          Feral rage Deal double damage and gain 50% movement speed for 10 seconds.
          Invulnerability You are invulnerable for 6 seconds.
          Cloaking device Become invisible, phased out and gain 50% movement speed for 10 seconds. Attacking or using any ability ends the effect.
          Sniper swap Temporarily switch to widowmaker with ultimate for 15 seconds. Being killed ends the effect early and swaps you back to your previous hero.
          Shuriken Storm Shoot shurikens in all directions for 10 seconds.
          Small recovery Recover 25% health over 10 seconds. Reaching full health ends the effect.
          Medium recovery Recover 50% health over 10 seconds. Reaching full health ends the effect.
          Large recovery Recover 75% health over 10 seconds. Reaching full health ends the effect.
          Tempo boost Heal 16 health per second and gain 25% movement speed for 10 seconds.
          Upgrade: ALL Upgrade all stats by 5%. The buff stacks with itself but resets on death.
          Theoretically it is possible to become immune to damage using this consumable. But glhf trying to find this consumable 20 times in a single life.
          Upgrade: Damage Upgrade damage by 15%. The buff stacks with itself but resets on death.
          Upgrade: Health Upgrade health by 15%. The buff stacks with itself but resets on death.
          Upgrade: Speed Upgrade speed by 15%. The buff stacks with itself but resets on death.
          Death punch Transform to doomfist for 10 seconds. The next rocket punch deals 75-500 extra damage (based on charge level) and ends the effect.
          Power nap Take a nap and heal yourself to full. Heals 20% of max health per second.
          Railgun Activate to power your next primary fire attack with a railgun shot that can pierce through walls and enemies. Has infinite range. Deals 200 damage.
          Redeemer Activate to become a guided misslie nuclear warhead. Manually detonate it with Primary Fire or by colliding with players or environment. Knocks enemies down and away. Deals 150 damage.
          Hammer down!

          Game mode rulesets

          These rulesets alters the game objective and rules, making it possible to play this game mode in a variety of different ways.

          Name Objective description Settings
          Kill streak First player to reach the required kill streak wins. Killstreak needed to win: 5-10
          Kill streak and capture Reaching the required kill streak opens a capturable point in the center of the map. Holding the point uncontested for 10 seconds wins you the match. Killstreak needed to win: 5-10
          Battle Royale This mode is played in rounds. When you die you are permanently dead until the next round starts. Being the last player alive grants you one point. The first player to reach the number of required points win the match. Rounds needed to win: 1-10
          Battle Royale: Scored rounds The same as Battle Royale but each kill scores you a point, and each round win scores you 3 points. The first to reach the score needed to win wins the match. Score needed to win: 10-100

          Workshop settings

          Game settings

          Option Value range Description
          Game mode ruleset
          • Kill streak
          • Kill streak and capture
          • Battle Royale
          • Battle Royale - Scored rounds
          Choose which game mode ruleset that should be active.
          Players required to start the match 2-6 When this many players are in the game, the game starts.
          Solo game (VS AI) On/Off Allows you to test/learn the mode against AI players. Bots are automatically assigned mods and does not spawn as Mercy. Refer to enabled heroes for which bots that you can use. Other heroes may work but are not tested.

          Battle Royale

          Option Value range Description
          Ring of Death On/Off Enable ring of death for Battle Royale rulesets.
          Time until ring of death spawns 45-150 The time it takes for the ring of death to spawn each round.
          Rounds needed to win 1-10 The amount of round wins needed to win the "Battle Royale" ruleset.
          Score needed to win (scored rounds) 10-100 The score needed to win the "Battle Royale - Scored rounds" ruleset.

          Kill Streak

          Option Value range Description
          Streak required to win (or unlock capture point) 5-10 The streak required to win in the "Kill Streak" ruleset or open the capture point in the "Kill Streak and capture" ruleset.

          Creator's comment

          Over all I'm very happy with how this workshop mode turned out, though I have limited tests against actual players as I can't put any time in creating lobbies (I can play about an hour each evening). If you have any suggestions, feedback or find any bugs please send me a comment, I very much appreciate it!

          I plan on updating and adding more items, maps, rulesets and make general improvements to this mode as I find it a very enjoyable passtime.

          And lastly, I know that certain combinations of items and heroes are going to be completely broken, but reasoning out those synergies and having the luck to find them in the game without being killed first is part of the fun. Any game/round should not last long enough for it feel opressive though. Have you found any crazy combinations yet? My favourite so far is probably "Reaper + Solar flare + Commando".

          Players | 1 - 6
          Heroes: Doomfist, Junker Queen, Mauga, Ramattra, Roadhog, and 15 more...
          Maps: Ilios
          Created at:
          Last updated:
          Current version: 1.08


          Open loot boxes
          Reload + (HOLD)
          Toggle score board
          Reload + Reload + (Double tap)
          Toggle currently equipped mod descriptions
          Use consumable
          Open loot boxes
          + (HOLD)
          Toggle score board
          + + (Double tap)
          Toggle currently equipped mod descriptions
          Use consumable
          Open loot boxes
          + (HOLD)
          Toggle score board
          + + (Double tap)
          Toggle currently equipped mod descriptions
          Use consumable
          Open loot boxes
          + (HOLD)
          Toggle score board
          + + (Double tap)
          Toggle currently equipped mod descriptions
          Use consumable
          Open loot boxes
          + (HOLD)
          Toggle score board
          + + (Double tap)
          Toggle currently equipped mod descriptions
          Use consumable

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