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In this workshop, you can see each hero from any angle and any position you want.
You can cut out the background from a screen capture and use it as a thumbnail for a video, or apply it to a variety of other content.
It also supports regular maps, so you can combine your favorite backgrounds and heroes to create wallpapers, etc.

[Basic Menu Operations]

  1. Select "Adjust Perspective" to set the perspective.
  2. Select "Start Camera" to activate the camera. You can add effects to yourself in the state you specify at this time.

[More Features]

  • Select "Change Skin" to return to the hero selection screen and change the skin. The skin can be changed for a set period of time.
  • When "CAMERA MODE" is set to [FIXED], the camera will be fixed at the perspective set in "Adjust Perspective".
  • When "Slow Motion" is set to [ON], all actions will be in slow motion.
  • Select "Change Hero" to change the hero. You cannot change the skin.
  • Select "Create Dummy Bot" to create a bot that will replay your movements.
  • Select "Edit Dummy Bot" to add effects to the bot you created.


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