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Changes in v3.3: 59FF9

  • New Echo Bot(in replace of Widow)
  • Ultimate every 100 kills (for supports fast ult. charge)
  • Ammo 300% (except for tracer)
  • "Change Hero" corner, "Fast Respawn", "Top 3 combo HUD" disabled (you can enable this in Workshop's second rule)
  • More variables to change in Workshop's first 2 rules
  • New Presets: HS Only[ M3JDJ ] & Light 9K5AA
  • Game Optimisations, bug fixes, bots movement upgrade, new announcements

What's new in v3.0: DRRGX

  • Chamber map( 2 location: standart, and on therooftop )
  • +4 new smartbots( Mercy, Ana, Baptiste, McCree ). All old bots improved( 9 smartbots in total )
  • Dynamic real time players score HUD
  • New Borderlands like floating dmg numbers
  • Trampolines added
  • Rewrited Announcements, now it's combo based
  • New Combo system based on kill streaks, best top-3 combos on the right. Break others combos if they too close to overtake your place in top-3.
  • Now you can Customise lot of things in first 2 rules of workshop, you can easly disable fast respawn mode there if you don't like that
  • Make Your hero balance & customize arena with CUSTOM mode( QPPJZ ), write your name in the title and share with others, i believe someone can do better balance

Categories: Free for all
Tags: ai bots aim arena
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Roadhog, Sigma, Wrecking Ball, and 23 more...
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