Hunt enemies for a chance to obtain epic loot and save your progress with the help of 40-digit save codes in this long-term, slow progress PvE RPG mode (you slowly progress over the course of several matches)!

Players who complete the Training map tutorial are awarded a 40-digit save code that allows them to start the game at level 1 with 50 gold!

Map Share Code Default Enemy Levels
Training CTHE4 Tutorial for new players
Regular Maps 4QV99 16 different hunting maps, recommended player level 1-60
Adventure Maps JSTPC 6 more dangerous hunting maps, recommended player level 15-45
Arreat Summit CATCH Level 60 boss encounter
Elite Maps XPCRY 5 different elite hunting maps, recommended player level 60+
Secret Cow Level HH3XY 1 secret hunting map, recommended player level 60
Secret Bazaar AHMNA 1 secret area with services for high level players
Fishing and Herbalism BGM95 Non combat maps for up to 11 players of all level ranges
Unstable Core HYPVE Level 100 raid
Frozen Factory VTMND Level 105 raid
Starship Assault T3RAS Level 110 raid
Starship Assault 0FHER Level 115 raid
Metaverse TTHNG Level 120 raid
Code Conversion Tool EGHGE Converts save codes from v3.2 - 5.1.2 to version 6.0+
  • If you would like to play on a specific map, deselect all others in the custom game lobby settings (maps that are disabled by default are not supported).
  • Make sure you play with a host you can trust (a malicious host could give players invalid save codes or manipulate the script in other abusive ways).
  • Always import scripts directly via share code to ensure you have the latest official version of the game mode (if you copy the settings from another player's lobby, you may be playing a modified version without knowing it).

(When importing via share code, wait until the game mode description and settings have fully loaded before taking any other actions. This may take up to 20 seconds, depending on the platform and server latency.)

Beginner's guide, FAQ, full manual, and changelogs can now be found on the Loot Quest website:

Loot Quest thread on the Official Overwatch forums
All workshop modes I have published on the official Overwatch forums
Players | 1 - 6
Categories: PvE
Heroes:, Doomfist, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, and 27 more...
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