Loot Quest v7.2.0.1


Loot Quest v7.2.0.1 (by Delwion#2667)

Hunt enemies for a chance to obtain epic loot and save your progress with the help of a 40-digit save code in this long-term, slow progress PvE RPG mode (you slowly progress over the course of several matches)!

Map Share Code (v7.2.0.1) Default Enemy Levels
Training CTHE4 Tutorial for new players
Regular Maps 4QV99 16 different hunting maps, recommended player level 1-60
Adventure Maps JSTPC 6 more dangerous hunting maps, recommended player level 15-45
Arreat Summit CATCH Level 60 boss encounter
Elite Maps XPCRY 2 different elite hunting maps, recommended player level 60+
Secret Cow Level HH3XY 1 secret hunting map, recommended player level 60
Secret Bazaar AHMNA 1 secret area with services for high level players
Fishing and Herbalism BGM95 Non combat maps for up to 12 players of all level ranges
Unstable Core HYPVE Level 100 raid
Frozen Factory VTMND Level 105 raid
Code Conversion Tool EGHGE Converts save codes from v3.2 - 5.1.2 to version 6.0+
  • If you would like to play on a specific map, deselect all others in the custom game lobby settings.
  • Loot Quest forums https://lootquest.shivtr.com
  • Full manual on the official Overwatch forums https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/367704 or on hackmd.io https://hackmd.io/ryYOVmAvI.
  • Make sure you play with a host you can trust (a malicious host could give you invalid save codes or manipulate the script in other abusive ways).
  • Always import a script directly from its share code to ensure you have the latest official version of the game mode (if you copy the settings from another lobby and then host that version, you might be contributing to spreading a manipulated version of the game mode without knowing it).

Gameplay - Beginner's Guide

If you are a new player, it is recommended you start with the Training tutorial or read the instructions in town on a regular map.

  • Defeat enemies for EXP and a chance to obtain loot (visible as spheres on the ground).
  • Press Crouch to pick up loot.
  • Hold Interact or Melee for 1 second to respawn when you die.
  • The further away you go from town, the higher level your enemies will be.
  • If you pick up an equippable item, it's placed in your inventory (HUD text on the right side).
  • You can equip the item in your inventory with Acknowledge or Yes when you are out of combat (you haven't taken or dealt damage for 3 seconds) and are at full health.
  • You can sell the item in your inventory for gold by pressing Interact.
  • You can carry up to five items in your inventory.
  • Press Melee to go to the next item in your inventory.
  • Your equipped item is displayed in the HUD text on the left side.
  • The number next to an item's hero icon is its item power. Item power is an indicator of how powerful and rare an item is. Everyone begins the game for the first time with a Tracer item of item power 5 equipped.
  • Better items have more default abilities unlocked, can have better base stat bonuses (Attack, Defense, Health, Speed, Projectiles), may have special abilities and a purely cosmetic visual effect.
  • A higher player level (obtained from earning EXP, displayed as a small number following a player's name in the HUD text on the left side) slightly increases your base stats and your Magic Find ‰ (chance to find rare items).
  • If you want to save your progress (equipped item including all its stats, gold, player level, EXP %, number of boss summon stones; items in your inventory will not be included as items in that save), use the green station in town with Crouch and press Print Screen to take a screenshot so you have an image of the code that appears on screen (or take a picture of it with your camera).
  • You can only get one code every 40 seconds and your progress is saved at the state it was in when you obtained the code (any changes after that are not saved anymore in the same code).
  • To load a save state, use the white station in town with Crouch (this will stop your character from moving) and enter your save code (see Controls below on how to enter a code).
  • The other stations in town are not very important at the very start of the game. You can read up on what each of them does in the manual on the official Overwatch forums or on hackmd.io (links below).


General Commands
Action Command Alternative Commands
Pick up loot Crouch
Use the primary function of a station in town Crouch
Use the secondary function of a station Crouch while holding Reload
Respawn (when dead) Hold Interact for 1 second Hold Melee for 1 second
Go to next item in inventory Melee
Equip selected inventory item Communicate: Acknowledge while at full health and out of combat¹ Communicate: Yes while at full health and out of combat¹
Sell selected inventory item for gold (default selling method selected) Interact
Sell selected inventory item for gold (alternative selling method selected) Melee while holding Crouch
Toggle between default/alternative selling method Interact while standing inside the white station in town Melee while standing inside the white station in town
Teleport to town Communicate: Need healing outside of town and out of combat¹
Show cost of services in town Communicate: Thanks Communicate: Need healing while in town
Use Soul Stone² Communicate: Group Up outside of town Communicate: Press the Attack or Communicate: Push Forward
Show stats of equipped item Communicate: Ultimate Status Communicate: Ready
Show stats of selected inventory item Communicate: Ultimate Status while holding Crouch Communicate: Ready while holding Crouch
Use the Teleport special ability³ Communicate: Hello Communicate: Goodbye or Reload + Interact
Gift selected inventory item to player you are facing Melee while holding Reload

¹ Players are out of combat when they have not taken or dealt any damage for 3 seconds (their health will start to regenerate until they enter combat again).
² Only one player can have a Soul Stone active at the same time. Cannot be used when there is already a boss in the game.
³ The player needs to have an item with that special ability equipped.

Entering Save Codes

To load only the item of a save state, hold Reload when activating the white Load Save State (Load Item) station with Crouch. The HUD text at the top should read "Load Item" instead of "Load Save State" when you have successfully activated the load item function.¹

Action Command Alternative Command
Enter number Primary Fire while aiming at the number in the number pad
Increase current digit Interact
Lower current digit Melee
Go to next digit Crouch Ability 2
Go to previous digit Ability 1
Confirm code Ultimate
Cancel enter code mode Secondary Fire
Reset code Secondary Fire while holding Reload²

¹ Items cost gold to load ( cost = item power value / 8 ) and are added to the player's inventory (empty inventory slot required). Items from a save state with a higher level than the current player level cannot be loaded (exception: level 60+ players can load an item from any level 60+ save state). Item loading is disabled when a player carries any rank 5 (white) item and is not level 60 or higher. Rank 5 items that are not Super Novice items cannot be loaded.
² Resets the code to all zeros. The game will remember all numbers entered until a player successfully loads a save state, obtains or changes an item in any other way, or uses this command.

Host Commands
Action Command
Toggle between dynamic enemy levels and fixed level range Interact while holding Jump standing inside the yellow station in town
Increase enemy levels Interact while standing inside the yellow station in town
Reduce enemy levels Interact while holding Ultimate inside the yellow station in town
Increase match duration¹ ² Interact while standing inside the orange station in town
Reduce match duration² Interact while holding Ultimate inside the orange station in town
End match in 10 minutes² Interact while holding Ultimate and Melee inside the orange station in town

¹ Enemy levels cannot be changed when there is a boss or a Soul Stone currently active on the map.
² The match duration can not be increased beyond 3 hours and 55 minutes.
³ The match duration can no longer be altered, once a match is in its last 10 minutes.

Fishing and Herbalism
Action Command
Harvest herb Crouch
Start fishing Melee while aiming at a fishing pool
Catch fish Wait until you get a bite and then press the series of buttons that appears on your screen. Pressing the wrong button will let the fish get away.
Cancel fishing Secondary Fire while holding Reload


  • How can I save my progress?
    Use the green station in town with Crouch to receive a 40-digit save code for your current progress. The code will be visible on screen for 5 seconds. Take a screenshot or use a camera to keep an image of your code. You can then enter your code in another match at the white station in town to load your progress.

  • What is stored in a save code?
    Your level and progress towards the next level, your gold (+ gold value of all the items in your inventory), the number of boss summon stones you carry, and your equipped item with all its stats, at the moment when you receive the save code.

  • What is not stored in a save code?
    The items in your inventory (the actual items), your Horadric Favor, and any progress earned after you received the save code (anything not mentioned in the answer to the previous question).

  • Why does my item have a name instead of an item power value?
    Congratulations, you have found a unique item. They are quite rare and powerful. See section 6 - and 6.9 in particular - in the manual for more details.

  • Why do I not get any EXP or drops?
    You will suffer an EXP and drop penalty for enemies that are more than 6 levels higher or lower than your player level. If they are more than 15 levels higher or lower, you will not receive any rewards for defeating them anymore.

  • Will I get more EXP for playing with other players?
    Yes, for each player after the first that contributed to defeating an enemy, the enemy will award 30% more EXP to all players who contributed.

  • Will I get better loot and/or more gold for playing with other players?
    The drop rates and amounts of gold dropped per enemy are not affected by the number of players in the game, but you will likely defeat more enemies in the same amount of time.

  • How does the difficulty scale with more players?
    Enemies will have more health for each additional player in the game and more enemies will spawn.

  • What is the maximum level for players?

  • What is the maximum number of equippable items/gold/boss summon stones a player can carry?
    A player can carry up to 5 equippable items in their inventory in addition to their equipped item, 9999 gold, and 9 boss summon stones.

  • Is there a way to improve drop rates?
    Your Magic Find ‰ will increase with every level you gain. A higher value improves your chance to find rare items from defeating enemies or obtain one from gambling. You can also gain temporary Magic Find bonuses by defeating a boss or picking up a Lucky Charm (rare drop). Magic Find will not increase your chance to find a Rune or a Lucky Charm (static drop rates).

  • Why are the drop rates so low?
    The game mode was designed with a slower, more long-term, MMORPG-like progress system in mind.

  • Will I get Overwatch account experience (for lootboxes) from playing this game mode?

  • Why are the save codes so long? Can you make them any shorter? Can you change it so inventory items can be saved?
    In the current system, 36 digits are used to save 36 values and 4 digits are reserved for the code validation system. Saving the stats of up to five inventory items would require the save codes to be 170 digits long. If you have more than one item you would like to keep, create a separate save code for each item and load them back with the Load Item function in a later game.

  • Can my common item still become a Super Novice item when I have equipped other items?
    Yes. Any common item found in Loot Quest v5.0.5 or later will turn into a Super Novice item when you equip it at level 60 or higher. However, only monsters of level 6 or lower can drop common items, and you cannot load common items as items from a save state below level 60, nor can you load any item from a save state while carrying a common item (equipped or in your inventory) below level 60.

Complete Loot Quest manual posted on the official Overwatch forums and on hackmd.io:


A list of all workshop modes I have published on the official Overwatch forums:



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ok so if i get the starter tracer up to lv 60 and it turns super novice, will its base stats still be all 0 because i cant imbue? since it needs to stay common right

delwion creator

You can't imbue the item (it would turn into a regular uncommon/green item if you did), but you can upgrade its base stats with runes. You have an increased chance to find runes on all non Elite hunting maps while using a common item.


is it possible to boost the base stats of dung items to match regular items because idk if i should upgrade this dung symmetra or a regular symmetra because the regular one has way stronger base stats but no special abilitys like the dung?

delwion creator

You can increase the base stats with Imbue (legendary or better item quality) and with runes.

If your item is below legendary quality, you can upgrade it to a higher item quality and it will remain a dung item if you use the Imbue station in the Secret Cow Level, or you can upgrade it and turn it into a regular item by using the Imbue station on any other map that has an Imbue station. (All base stats, unlocked default abilities, special abilities, and the visual effect will be rerolled when you upgrade an item to the next item quality.)

Legendary dung items have universalist special abilities which means they do not benefit from the specialist bonus that makes legendary items a good option for endgame.

If you would like to have an item with the best universalist bonus in the game, you need to find a primal or a dung primal from killing level 60+ enemies (or from using the Gamble station when you are level 60+) and then upgrade it by defeating the Essence of Evil at level 85+ (see the manual for additional requirements).

There is a way to turn a dung legendary into a special unique, but it requires a lot of work (you need to defeat the Essence of Evil multiple times at level 85+) and the special unique will start with low base stats when you obtain it, so you need to upgrade it with runes and Imbue again to max its stats.

For more information on item upgrade paths, see the Endgame Item Guide in the Links section of the Loot Quest website (under Advanced Guides):


Also will i be able to load in common items when im lv60? I want to be able to get super novice items but i dont have any that are lv60

delwion creator

Only if the common item is from a level 60+ save state.

To get a Super Novice item, you need to reach level 60 with a common item (they can only be obtained from enemies of level 6 or lower).

See section 6.8 in the manual for more information on Super Novice items, and section 3.9.2 for more info on restrictions when loading an item from a save state.


ok thanks


I got a 2 unique items (Junkrat and Lucio) from fish and herbs, what happens if i imbue them because it only costs 500 gold but they are orange name like legendary?

delwion creator

Imbue will increase a random base stat or special ability rank that is not maxed yet. It works the same way for legendary, primal, heirloom, and unique items.


Hey can I make players for Team 2 more than 6 players? am hoping that I can have like 9-12 people in my game at a time.

delwion creator

That is not supported by the script, sorry (setting the number higher than 6 will break the enemy spawn mechanics and will very likely lead to server crashes).

If I had included an option to play with more than 6 players in team 2, that would have reduced the number of enemies that can be up at the same time in team 1, since the total number of players in a match - including dummy bots - is not supposed to ever exceed 12 (some players have discovered glitches in the past that allowed them to spawn more than 12 players, but I believe even in those cases only 12 were fully functional).

The Fishing and Herbalism maps support up to 12 players since there are no enemies that can spawn on these maps.


Can you copy the saving feature and use it for any mode? I want to use it for another mode i fpund that does not have a save feature but needs one

delwion creator

The way the save system works is very specific to Loot Quest. It saves exactly the values that are needed for this mode. So copying it for another mode wouldn't really work. But anyone could create a password system of their own for another game mode.


Ok i was just wondering thanks for the response


is there anyway u can implument trading in

delwion creator

At the moment, the script size limitation won't allow me to add a trading system back into the game mode, but who knows, maybe I'll manage to squeeze it in, in a future update (rewriting parts of the script to be optimized for script size instead of performance and lowest possible number of variables is getting more and more difficult) :)

If I do manage to add player trading back into the game mode, then there will definitely be some items that are player-bound, this time (Super Novice items and other special items).

(Loot Quest used to have a Player Selling and a Player Buying station in one of its earliest versions, so players could sell items to other players, but I decided to remove this system later, to make room for other features and reduce the risk of server crashes which were a huge problem back then).


Delwion. Check PTR your gamemode it's half the elements there. They fixed some things that made the elements count for double

delwion creator

Sorry for the late reply.
Yes, I noticed, it's an amazing update :D
I've been working on a new version of Loot Quest for a few days now. Should be released shortly after the workshop changes go live :)

Update Log (35)

Fishing and Herbalism maps have been added.


Full changelog 7.0 on the official Overwatch forums:

This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.

For a full changelog, see this thread on the official Overwatch forums:


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