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Overwatch Quake is a gamemode that aims to replicate the skill-based, high-mobility gameplay of Quake III: Arena and melding Hero-shooter elements.

The Goal

  • Have every Hero enabled in this mode feel like they belong and fill some sort of niche that isn't filled by any other Hero - either by gameplay style or use of their kit.
  • Meld hero-shooter elements and Quake-gameplay in a fun and enganing way.

Hero Rundown:

  • Ashe: With her Coachgun, and her charges with it, can fly throughout a map and quickly establish perfect sniping and superior positions most other Heroes can't get to normally. Ashe only has so many charges with her Coachgun and only gets them back on death or on a kill.
  • Baptiste Armed with his regenerative burst and his primary weapon, Baptiste can self-sustain while dealing a great amount of damage with his burst-fire primary.
  • Doomfist: Having his entire kit with vastly cut down cooldowns, Doomfist becomes as lethal as he is mobile. However, as a downside to his superior mobility and lethality, he has the lowest maximum hit points out of all Heroes forcing other Competitors to either take a Doomfist out early or suffer his wrath.
  • Echo: With her ability to fly and spray a series of bombs, Echo becomes a Hero dependant on the perfect conditions and positioning. With extreme cooldowns punishing Echoes who blindly use her abilities, and with a 5 second recharge given to all her abilities upon a death reward Echoes for using her abilities in only the perfect conditions.
  • Genji: Going off his natural strengths, Genji excels in juking others with his mobility and catching Competitors not paying attention with his deflection.
  • Pharah: With bursts of flight, splash damage from rockets and devastating direct hits, Pharah excels with mobility and a great ability in predicting fellow Combatants.
  • Reaper: With zero-cooldown teleports and his Wrathform available in his kit, Reaper excells in flanking low-health Competitors or Competitors already in the heat of combat. Additionally, Reaper has self-sustaining properties, automatically healing 25 hit points upon killing another Competitor.
  • Zenyatta: A high-skill hero, Zenyatta is able to 2-shot any Hero, and apply more damage when applying his Orb of Discord. He can also grant himself more survivability in tense situations by acitvating his Orb of Harmony granting him instant healing, damage resitance and a higher maximum health for a short time.


Version: 1.2 [4FWXZ]

  • Powerups: Powerups will spawn throughout few select maps. There will be one spawn per Powerup within the game. Powerups grant a player gamechanging power that can tilt the game in their favor for a short time.
  • Powerup (Lifesteal): While active, harming another will heal you equal to a fraction of the damage caused.
  • Powerup (Protection): While active, your resistance to damage is tremendously increased.

Coachgun Target Knockback: Increased from 50% (Of Base) >>> 70% (Of Base)

Regenerative Burst Healing: Decreased from 70% (Of Base) >>> 66% (Of Base)
Baptise Speed: Decreased from 200% >>> 192%
Baptise Damage: Decreased from 277% >>> 266%

Pharach Magazine: Increased from 4 Rockets >>> 6 Rockets
Pharah Hover Jets Speed: Increased from 150% >>> 180%

Doomfist now has charges assigned to his Uppercut ability. The way his uppercut was being used was for mobility and combining it into a Seismic Slam that would instant kill any and all other Competitors within range and without said Competitors knowing a Doomfist was many meters above them, about to reign hell upon them. Doomfist has four maximum charges to his Uppercut and recharges them through waiting 6 seconds or upon killing a Competitor.

Shadow Step: Cooldown increased from instant >>> 3 Seconds
Maximum Health: Decreased from 250 >>> 175

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Heroes would have their "Ability 1" active if they had swapped from Zenyatta

Version: 1.1 [BDHCA]
Aim Down Sight Damage: Decreased from 100% (Of Base Damage) >>> 65% (Of Base Damage)
Coachgun Damage: Decreased From 20% (Of Base Damage) >>> 10% (Of Base Damage)

Shadow Step: Enabled for Reaper, with a 0 second cooldown.

Regenerative Burst: Heals given to Baptiste increased from 50% (Of Base Healing) >>> 70% (Of Base Healing)

Hover Jet Max Time: Decreased from 30% >>> 25%
Hover Jet Speed: Increased from 120% >>> 150%
Jump Jet: Enabled for Pharah with a default cooldown.

Orb of Harmony: Made the sound accompioning Orb of Harmony louder.


  • Fixed a bug that had Ashe have more Charges than her maximum of 6 if she killed someone with 5 Charges.

Version: 1.0 [PB6NG]
Base mode :)

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Heroes: Ashe, Doomfist, Echo, Genji, Pharah, and 3 more...
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Current version: 1.2.0

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