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Welcome to Ana Freeze Tag Beta!

When you damage someone, they're going to get freeze and take damage over time until they're dead. If you heal some teammate who's frozen and taking damage, they defreeze and stop taking damage (you can heal them, but that's gonna take a while). You have three bullets, and your sleep dart serves as a fourth bullet, which resets it's cooldown when you get a kill.

Created by: NiVeRainbow#1357.
Designed by: FulleeYS#1244.

Patch notes - V0.2

- Changed the way the damage work. They're now a variable, to facilitate the writing of codes and better experience during the game. Ana doens't have the spam of damage sounds anymore (New bugs were created at this changes. Bugs will be removed at V0.2.1)

- Removed the "Assembling Heroes" time, and introduced the in-game countdown to the match.

- Removed the built-in scoring, and added a final blow based scoring system (Changed because self killing were removing points from the team. It wasn't wanted).

- Now, the sleep dart resets the cooldown when you deal a final blow, and don't reset it's cooldown with reload anymore.

Categories: Team Deathmatch, Minigames
Heroes: Ana
Maps: Hanamura
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 0.2

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