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The objective of the game is to not touch the ground with Hanzo! Ironically, it's the name of the game. Sounds pretty simple right? Actually, it's not. Let me give a deeper explanation.


This is a free for all game mode, where you can play against up to 11 other Hanzos. When the timer reaches 0, you cannot touch the ground. You're dueling to be the last Hanzo in the air, so you have to somehow sabotage your enemies by damaging them. Damaging them will freeze them and can cause them to fall to the ground. If you end up being frozen, you can mash interact to unfreeze yourself. WHILE ALL OF THIS IS HAPPENING, gravity will increase as time goes on.

As gravity increases, you will drop to the ground faster which in turn will make it harder to mash out of being frozen. ALSO, every time you are frozen, you will have to mash even longer to unfreeze yourself. All of this is working against you, so you have to be really careful!


Ability Description
Lunge Use this ability to keep Hanzo afloat. REMINDER: If you touch the ground, you die!
Storm Bow Hanzo's primary fire. Obviously the longer you hold it, the farther the arrow travels. Enemy is frozen upon contact.
Storm Arrow Shoot up to 3 arrows in rapid fire. Enemy is frozen upon contact. COOLDOWN: 8 seconds
Wall Climb If you're too low to the ground, you can use his wall climbing ability to gain height. COOLDOWN: 1 use per round (WILL RESET AFTER YOU TOUCH THE GROUND!)
Melt Generate enough heat to unfreeze yourself by mashing interact when frozen.
Instant Unfreeze Automatically unfreeze yourself by pressing secondary fire without having to mash interact. This is really useful when you're getting too low to the ground and don't have time to mash. COOLDOWN: 1 use per round (LIMITED USES CAN BE ADJUSTED VIA WORKSHOP SETTINGS!)
Melee If you're close enough to an enemy, you can strike them with melee (if enabled). This might be useful if your aim isn't great.
Headshot If you get a headshot, it will be slightly harder for enemies to mash out of being frozen.


There are items that will spawn in the air that you can use to your advantage. These are really helpful, so keep an eye out for them because it's first come first serve. When someone acquires these items, they disapppear until they spawn again:

Jump Spheres

These spawn near the bottom of the map. If you fall too low to the ground, grab this to give yourself a boost. The lower the gravity, the higher you jump! These spawn every 2-8 seconds after someone acquires it!

Burning Spheres

These spawn near the top of the map. Once you grab this, you will gain freeze immunity for 7 seconds. These spawn every 15 seconds after someone acquires it! Gotta be quick with these!

Workshop Settings

You can adjust the workshop settings to your heart's content!

Setting Description
Melee Enable or disable melee.
Burning Sphere Enable or disable burning sphere.
Jump Sphere Enable or disable jump sphere.
Gravity Time Change how often the gravity increases. MIN: 10 Seconds MAX: 25 seconds
Instant Unfreeze Enable or disable Instant Unfreeze.
Unfreeze Limit Change how many times you can use Instant Unfreeze per round. MAX: 3 times
Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Free for all
Heroes: Hanzo
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0

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