Overwatch 2: No DPS

Damage heroes are the most played, while tanks and supports are frequently underlooked. Here, this gamemode outright removes the DPS heroes, and reworks the tanks and supports to make them better. Certain tank and support heroes will be reworked to fill in a DPS-like role, while others will lean into their original roles even more than before. You could create a number of team comps and see how they can work.

Currently, only wave 1 will be available. Waves 2 and possibly 3 will be made in the future, and can change based off of feedback. Many of the tanks and supports will have their own unique passive abilities too allowing them to benefit their team--and themselves.

Wave 1



Being a close range player, I wanted to lean into it and make him less vulnerable to far-away targets. Giving Reinhardt a movement boost when deploying his barrier will let him close in on enemies. Reworking his fire strike by making it faster would help him aim them better, while reducing its cooldown would make him even less vulnerable since I couldn't actually give him a third fire strike. Having enemies being set on fire was something of a nice touch for status effects.

Barrier Field
  • Recharge rate decreased by 50%

  • Movement speed increased by 25%

  • Knockback received decreased by 30%

  • Gives Reinhardt 300 personal overhealth points.

Fire Strike
  • Cooldown decreased to 3 seconds to compensate not being able to give him three fire strikes.

  • Now sets enemies on fire for 3.5 seconds, dealing 5 damage per second.

  • Close-up players will take an extra 100 damage to simulate a direct hit.

  • Movement speed decreased by 15%

  • Damage dealt to pinned enemies gives Reinhardt 200 overhealth points when his maximum health does not exceed 1000 HP.

  • Critical hits now instantly kill enemies. The radius has been increased to all around Reinhardt.

  • Surviving players will be sent upwards, and set on fire for 5 seconds, dealing 2 damage per second.

  • Ultimate generation increased by 15%

Honor and Glory
  • Dealing damage now heals nearby enemies.

  • Damage received decreased by 20%

Optional title to change the hero name, remove to default to the hero name

A description on why changes were made

  • Some change you made to this ability

Fire Strike
  • Some change you made to this ability

  • Some other change you made to this ability

Players | 1 - 10
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 16 more...
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