Overwatch 2: No DPS

Damage heroes are the most played, while tanks and supports are frequently underlooked. Here, this gamemode outright removes the DPS heroes, and reworks the tanks and supports to make them better. Tanks will have small healing abilites of their own, and both roles will incorporate more DPS aspects.

Tank Heroes


In the base game, D.Va struggles to protect her teammates due to her only ability to mitigate damage being her defense matrix. Here, she will be more of a nuissance without being overly oppressive.

Micro Missiles
  • While not using boosters, movement speed increased by 15% while firing.

Defense Matrix
  • Maximum charge decreased to 75%, but recharge rate increased to 200% Damage also reduced by 15% while using defense matrix.

Gremlin Rage
  • New passive ability: while out of mech, baby D.va's damage is increased by 75%


I know we all miss DPS Doomfist, so here, I will try to let players use his original playstyle while continuing to act as a proper tank for his teammates.

Seismic Slam
  • Deals extra damage for a shockwave effect, and has a weak impulse that sends opponents upwards.

Power Block
  • Taking damage will provide overhealth to you and your teammates. Charge rate increased by 25% and cooldown decreased by 40%.

Junker Queen

As a tank, Junker Queen doesn't have good defensive capabilities, but she is good at providing other support for her teammates. Reworking Junker Queen is surprisingly easy, since she can work as a DPS too.

Commanding Shout
  • Cooldown will be reset after dealing the final blow. Teammates will also receieve a damage boost.

  • Extra damage dealt to those hit, and now roots them in place for a very short period.

Adrenaline Rush
  • Reworked passive ability: when your health is below 200, damage increased by 20%, and movement speed increased by 15%


I can finally rework Orisa how I'd like without causing the game to crash! Since there's no DPS, here are her full reworks!

  • Movement speed set to 0%, but damage slightly increased, and you get even more extra health.

Javelin Spin
  • Knockback and damage dealt increased by 50%, and speed increased by 75%, providing openings for your teammates. Knockback received reduced to 0%


In the base game, Ramattra's nemesis form is oppressive. Here, I will provide some sort of balance to make it more of a risk to use it, but keep its immense power.

Nemesis form
  • Damage dealt increased by 25%, but damage received increased by 75% Cooldown reduced by 50%

Ravenous Vortex
  • Dealing damage with void accelerator will heal you.


Thanks to his rework, Roadhog should be much better here. I want to make him more fun too thanks to the lack of DPS heroes.

Chain Hook
  • Cooldown decreased by 25%

  • Now deals damage over time.

Take a Breather
  • Will provide 150 overhealth for a short period of time when health is below 300.


Currently, Reinhardt's brawly playstyle leaves him open to a lot of attacks. Reinhardt's firestrike will be worked on, and his hammer will be buffed slightly.

Rocket Hammer
  • Deals 10% more damage. Disabled quick melee for Reinhardt because it and primary fire are the same.

Fire Strike
  • Cooldown decreased by 25%

  • Now sets enemies on fire and deals damage over time.


In the base game, Sigma is a pretty strong tank. Since his opponents will now have more health, I can be more free with him.

  • Will deal extra damage after a short period of time.

Kinetic grasp
  • Taking damage will also provide teammates overhealth

Wrecking Ball

Right now, Wrecking Ball is probably the worst tank in the game. There's not much I can do aside from make his alt form even more annoying.

  • Movement speed increased by 50%, damage dealt and received increased by 25%, and knockback increased by 30%.

Adaptive Shield
  • If not in alternate form, using this will decrease damage by 20%.

  • If the entire enemy team is nearby, your teammates will get shield health too.

Support Heroes


In the base game, Ana is one of the best supports. With the tank reworks, she may struggle, so hopefully these changes will keep her viable.

Biotic Rifle
  • While zooming in, damage increased by 75%, and healing increased by 50%

Biotic grenade
  • Cooldown increased by 20%

  • Deals damage over time to those anti'd.


Brigitte's role is to keep the other support safe in the base game. Since she's so fun, I decided to allow her to be an actual support here.

  • Cooldown increased by 75%, but will now deal extra damage and knock down enemies.

Repair pack
  • Healing will grant 25 extra health points.

  • Dealing damage will provide extra health to teammates.


In the base game, Illari is relatively hard to play since her healing comes from secondary fire and the pylon. I reworked her to encourage people to rely less on damage and more on healing.

  • Now heals allies a small amount, and knocks down those hit. Knockback also increased to 150%.

Solar Rifle
  • Primary fire ammunition decreased by 50%, but damage increased by 75%

  • Healing maximum increased by 125%, and recharge rate to 200%.


Lifeweaver's kit is overall hard to make good in both the base game and here, so I decided to change his damage ability.

Thorn Volley
  • Now deals damage over time.

Petal Platform
  • Applies small impulse to enemies nearby you to allow better use of the platform.


Since there's so many status effects in the no DPS gamemode, I wanted to make Kiriko even more of a damage-support.

Protection suzu
  • Cooldown decreased to 50%

  • Will now stun enemies nearby you.


Mercy is not as frequently picked anymore because she heals relatively slow. Increasing her healing output, as well as changing her ultimate would make her much more helpful.

  • Cooldown decreased by 50%, but if you are hit while using it, you'll be knocked down for 3 seconds

  • Damage and healing dealt increased by 50%

  • Movement speed increased by 25%


There are so many DPS Moiras, so I decided to create a drawback for trying to DPS too much.

Biotic grasp
  • Damage slightly increased, but using it will slowly damage yourself.

  • Maximum time increased by 25%, and recharge rate increased by 50%

  • Now heals you by 75.


Same thing with Moira, too many Zenyatta players try to DPS. But rather than punishing them, I decided to nerf Zenyatta's damage output.

  • Damage reduced by 50%, but knockback increased by 25%.

Orb of Destruction
  • Orb of Harmony will have an extra heal over time effect.

  • Damage decreased by 25%

Players | 1 - 10
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 16 more...
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