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Hey there!

This project was made as a hobby of mine, with a goal to fundamentally change major gameplay aspects, and balance the game for a FFA deathmatch mode.

This is years of just learning code and playing around in the workshop. Sorry if there are bugs, I try my best haha

This is VERY, VERY WIP right now, as I have recently done a major re-code of the entire mode, and intend to implement everything in a again manually, as a major rewrite/cleanup. Lots and lots of things are missing, so they will not be mentioned here yet.


This code is basically a gutted version of the Overwatch 2 Community Patch by the Elo Hell Workshops Discord members on behalf of Paris Eternal, which can be found at https://workshop.codes/2TEBR. As such, credits are in order:

Overwatch 2 Community Patch [OWL Edition]

patch-notes.html's styling (aka the HTML styling of What you're looking at right now) Mitsiee Debug Mode base code Mitsiee Code Organization style and Assembly style CactusPuppy and AVALLA Code Organization style and Assembly style extended (SVB Overwatch 2 Patch Developers) CactusPuppy, CaptCaptain, Josbird, Mitsiee, SVB Hero Swap Infrastructure MagicMan

Overwatch: Execute Patch Notes - April 5th, 2022

As this is a heavily gutted version of another mode's codebase, note that there may be bugs introduced that are unknown so far, and the mode is extremely far from feature finished.

These patch notes below cover only the main content implemented thus far. They are not a definitive list of things to come, they are things I am either working on, or have already finished implementing myself.

I want to reiterate however that this is indeed a gutted version of the work that was put into the Overwatch 2 Community Patch which was lead by CactusPuppy. I want to stress this, as I could not do this as I have without their help as well as the rest of the Elo Hell Discord. I'm extremely thankful for their support and for allowing me to use said code. There is still a lot of left over code and files that are unused right now, but I will be sorting through all of it in order to make sure things are properly credited, and that I dont needlessly waste space in the code.


  • Gamemode is set to FFA Deathmatch only. Using other modes may and will break the game's code, causing many bugs (mostly visual hopefully)
  • All player's movement speed has been increased to 109%
  • All respawn timers have been reduced to 80%.


No changes so far/have yet to implement changes back into mode after major re-code


Ashe is a hard character to change without fundamentally messing with certain parts of her kit. I think she is in a strong spot as is, however wanted to add a bit more movement options to her while keeping her ability to knock enemies back if needed.

The changes to B.O.B. are to keep her ultimate in line with other ultimates in the mode, as well as make it slightly easier to balance around her kit.
Coach Gun
  • Knockback against enemies greatly reduced **(NOT IMPLEMENTED YET AS OF APRIL 5TH 2022, IS INCOMING VERY SOON)**
  • Added new effect on top of previous: Double Barreled
    • After firing a shot, Ashe can press the ability button again to fire another shot for a short time
    • Effect lasts for 3 seconds
    • Enters full cooldown when Double Barreled's effect wears off (ie. when used or when the timer runs out)
    • Second shot has increased knockback, allowing Double Barreled to do slightly more knockback than the ability previously did in the live game, even though the second shot is (presumably) at a longer range.
  • No longer gains ult charge when B.O.B is active
Venom Mine has it's own use, however I dislike the idea of Widowmaker camping behind it, and I feel like it could get more use argessively instead, so I have changed the ability's functions entirely.

It's worth noting that this ability definitely needs tested in-game still, and balanced accordingly. Currently the damage and other values match Venom Mine's as closely as possible. This definitely will need to be nerfed eventually, however requires more testing.
Venom Mine
  • Replaced with ability: Venom Coat
    • Upon use, your next shot will apply a venom-mine like effect to any player hit.
    • Missing this shot will remove the coating.
    • After a short timer (8s currently), the coating will remove itself if not used.
    • Once the coating shot has been used OR if the coating timer runs out, the ability will go on cooldown.


Ana's been defined for a long time by her high-risk/high-reward gameplay with sleep and nade, however she lacks good mobility. These changes are to bring her in line with other heroes, especally with the new mobility of the mode, as well as adding a higher skill ceiling to Ana.
Ana sleep dart icon
Sleep Dart
  • Ability Added on top of previous effects: Concussive Dart
    • Activated when Sleep Dart hits a target or wall within 4m of Ana.
    • Applies a rocket-jump like knockback to Ana
    • Explosion has knockback falloff from the center
    • Ana tries to maintain some horizontal momentum from the jump until she lands, allowing further horizontal movement while making it more of a commitment


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

Players | 2 - 7
Categories: Free for all
Heroes: Ashe, Widowmaker, Ana
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 0.1.3

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