Railgun Instagib DeathMatch FFA

A simple Sojourn only Deathmatch mode inspired by old school Instagib modes from Unreal Tournament/Quake.


Enhanced movement speed.
Enhanced jump height.
Lower cooldown on Power Slide.

Known bugs:

~~Primary fire cannot be disabled. (seems to have something to do with Overclock) Put a message on the screen as well as a small message to not use primary fire. It will not kill anyways. ~~

got a semi solution, ammo reduced to 1 on primary fire, so only one shot will come out before reload. I tried using 0 ammo but it caused a reload animation every time melee or rail gun was used

Railgun will occasionally shoot an extra rail shot, this extra shot will not kill so it's only a nuisance(Timer I use to disallow button so you can only shoot once a second timed with the railgun charge hitting 100 in overclocked could be the cause)

Since I currently can't manipulate or use the variable containing the railgun charge increase from damage(bug?), Overclock is forced on which means ultimate voice line spam(I tried to mitigate this with the old status trick, but it didn't really help much)

Players | 1 - 12
Heroes: Sojourn
Created at:
Last updated:



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