Free Mode Menu


Free Mode Menu
A skirmish featuring an options menu that can be opened at any time to customize player modifiers, cameras, powers and UI settings.

How It Works
Open the options menu by holding the interact button. You'll be unable to move while it's open. Scroll through options by moving back and forwards. Press jump to confirm the option you have selected. When hovered over an option with a number at the end, move left or right to modify it.

Options Menu Features

  • Change Hero: Select a hero without being in spawn.
  • Modifiers Menu: Change modifiers like speed, gravity, jump speed ect.
  • Camera Menu: Set third person camera mode/distance or start the custom camera editor for setting a static camera.
  • Powers Menu: Toggle no cooldowns, air jumping, infinite ammo and auto ultimate generation.
  • UI Settings: Toggle certain UI elements.

Other Features

  • The quick menu is opened by pressing the interact button and can be used while moving. Features teleport, killing self, and changing to previous hero.
  • When using your ultimate you can cancel it by pressing the ultimate button.
  • The host can enable, disable and modify specific options in workshop settings.


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Update Log (3)

  • Emotes will now properly disable third person camera
  • Quick menu will now open the moment you release interact
  • Teleport will now initiate the moment you release primary fire
  • Fixed an issue where third person camera wouldn't automatically be re-enabled after using junkrats riptire
  • Redesigned the menu system to support more than 6 options per menu
  • Added a menu scrolling feature to navigate menus with more than 5 options
  • Unselected options are now grey
  • Menu title now changes according to which menu you are currently in
  • Added indicator for what option you have selected and the total number of options in the current menu
  • Changed toggle options strings to show the current state rather than what it will be changed to
  • Toggle options can now be changed using side movement
  • Camera mode now shows the camera name rather than a number
  • Workshop settings are now ordered correctly based off the in game menus
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