Busan Parkour


Hello guys,

Welcome to my first map on Overwatch, I love Parkour so I tried to make my own, this is the result.
Map : Busan
Difficulty : Balanced to Hard

Enjoy the Parkour :)

This is the video tuto to help you finding path to heroes and zones :

If you need help on this map, you can join
the Gemster Workshop Discord here : https://discord.gg/dcundJu
My Channel on this discord : https://discord.gg/7AH8uYJ

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Maps | Busan
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Current version | 1.1.1

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UltimaLinky#2499 creator

Hello there, i added the video to help you.
For the secrets, maybe we can try to meet on the map and i'll show you ;)

To give a lil help, the 5 keys are on the ship and designed like this :
3 for Doom (2 starting from the city portal and 1 in cockpit)
1 for Widow (near village portal)
1 for Hanzo (in the cockpit)

But some players told me that the 5 are doable as Doom.


The creator can tell me at what point is the last key to open the secret portal?


I have completed it, I have a problem that I cannot find where the fifth key would be, I have only found 4 in the second point with doomfist


idk how to do ashe

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