🔢 Counting Chaos [Elohell Workshop Jam]


Counting numbers from 1 is easy... right?

Everyone will submit a number, starting from 1, in ascending order.
Make sure the Number at the top of your HUD (Orange number) is the same as the Number in the middle of the map (Blue number)
If you submitted the correct number, you are safe.
If you submitted the wrong number, you will die.
If you are the last person to submit a number, you will also die.


Primary Fire (Default Left Click): Decrease your current Orange Number by 1.
Secondary Fire (Default Right Click): Increase your current Orange Number by 1.
Interact (Default 'F'): Submit your current Orange Number.

The Orange number will be changed by you left or right clicking.
The Blue number will only increase by 1 after a person submitted an expected number.


  • Game is intended for queuing/party game, so the game is endless.
  • Do not click "Start game mode" in the lobby screen. The game is held entirely in "Waiting for players".
  • Hold "Reload" button for 3 seconds to start the game, requires at least 3 players to start.


Elohell Workshop Jam Gameplay by Cactus_Puppy


Known issue

  • Sometimes, players do not get teleported to the correct place.
    Each player is tied to a circle, so if you submitted a correct number, your circle will turn into green light shaft and the in-world text will show your number. Just go to that circle.


Feedback wanted: Should I implement scoring system into this gamemode? Comment below or in my Workshop Discord.

Join my Workshop Discord group for updates, suggestions, feedback and bug reports! Just click on the picture below.
DragonEngineer's Workshop

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Cactus_Puppy for streaming the playtest session and allowing me to use the footage.

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Current version | 1.0.1


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LMAO, Im the Mercy with Gold GUN!. Btw r u deathcraft's friend?

DragonEngineer creator *

Hi, yes. I met him via another of my friend.

Update Log


Players now say "Goodbye" instead of "Hello" when the dead player flies off the map.

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