🔢 Counting Chaos


Counting numbers from 1 is easy... right?

Everyone will submit a number, starting from 1, in ascending order.
Make sure the Number at the top of your HUD (Orange number) is the same as the Number in the middle of the map (Blue number)
If you submitted the correct number, you are safe.
If you submitted the wrong number, you will die.
If you are the last person to submit a number, you will also die.


Mode Starting Game rules
Endless Mode Hold reload for 3 seconds to start The game will keep going forever
Scored Mode Press "Start Game mode" in the Lobby screen First to reach 20 points wins


  • Both modes require at least 3 players to start
  • Do not click "Start Game Mode" after starting Endless Mode.
  • Endless Mode is held entirely in "Waiting for players".


Primary Fire (Default Left Click): Decrease your current Orange Number by 1.
Secondary Fire (Default Right Click): Increase your current Orange Number by 1.
Interact (Default 'F'): Submit your current Orange Number.
Ultimate: Toggle camera, between 1st person view and arena-wide view.

The Orange number will be changed by you left or right clicking.
The Blue number will only increase by 1 after a person submitted an expected number.

Scoring for Scored Mode

Scoring Method Points awarded
Submitted a correct number +1 Point
Submitted a wrong number -1 Point
Last person not yet submitted a number -1 Point


Elohell Workshop Jam Gameplay by Cactus_Puppy
Special thanks to Cactus_Puppy for streaming the playtest session and allowing me to use the footage.



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LMAO, Im the Mercy with Gold GUN!. Btw r u deathcraft's friend?

DragonEngineer creator *

Hi, yes. I met him via another of my friend.

Update Log


General changes

  • Removed hero and gamemode objective HUD for less clutter
  • Added Workshop settings "Points to Win" for Scored Mode.
  • The controls now show your input bindings instead of the button to press.

New Mode

  • Scored Mode
  • Scored Mode is a high-stake gamemode compared to the Endless Mode counterpart.
  • Points are awarded for submitting a correct number.
  • Points are lost for submitted a wrong number or being the last person not yet submitted a number.
  • First player to reach 20 points win!
  • Scored Mode can be played by pressing "Start Game Mode" in the lobby screen.

General changes

  • The previous gamemode is now renamed to "Endless Mode" (The one started by holding Reload).
  • Only the Host player can now start Endless Mode by pressing Reload.
  • Controls HUD is now located next to the currently selected number.
  • Disabled Primary and Secondary Fire buttons so you can change number without disrupting endless emotes.
  • You can now press Ultimate to toggle between first-person view and arena-wide view.
  • You will now receive kill credit if other players chose your submitted number.
  • Kill feed now shows up.

Bug fix

  • Fixed a bug where slow motion lasts permanently, if a player left immediately after dying.

Players now say "Goodbye" instead of "Hello" when the dead player flies off the map.

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