Hero Swap - Select Your Enemies' Heroes!


You control the hero of a player on the enemy team, and they control yours! You can change your linked enemy's hero once per death while in your spawn room via the regular hero select screen. Ultimate charge is also preserved between switches.

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Update Log (4)

  • Added the "Allow Hero Switching" Workshop setting (default: ON). If this is disabled, the default "Allow Hero Switching" setting in Modes -> All must also be disabled. This setting prevents a player from setting their linked enemy's hero to their current hero using the Crouch + Interact key combination added in v1.1. This setting also removes some messages which aren't relevant without hero switching.

v1.1 Changelog:

  • Players now swap back to their selections at the end of each round, to more closely mirror behaviour at the start of the first round.
  • Players can now hold Crouch and Interact at the same time while in the spawn room to select their current hero as the hero for their linked enemy (as the hero currently being played cannot be selected in the default hero selection screen).
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