Hide and Yeet is a multiphase gamemode that starts off as tiny hide and seek and evolves into a boss battle as the match progresses. Ultimately, the goal is to eliminate or capture every player on the enemy team.

The Roles

Hide and Yeet has several roles that dramatically change the way you play during a match.

The Hiders
Hider is the starting role of everyone on the team with more players. They're small, slow, and do almost no damage. They move a little faster during the hiding phase and do a little extra damage if one of them somehow makes it to the battle phase. Usually they should try to avoid encounters with the seekers. They can be captured and become ghosts when eliminated. They can also be carried around or thrown by seekers and escaped hiders.

The Seekers
Seeker is the starting role of everyone on the team with fewer players. Their main goal throughout the match is to find the hiders. Once they find a hider they can either bring the hider back to their Capture Zone or eliminate them. Eliminating a hider causes them to turn into a ghost with disruptive abilities that can make it harder for the seekers to seek. Capturing a hider doesn't turn them into a ghost, but escaped hiders can free captured hiders later in the match if the Capture Zone isn't defended well enough. It would be quite difficult to get a hider into a Capture Zone without a special ability to move the hiders, so the seekers have a special ability that's activated by pressing Interact while looking at a hider. This special ability allows the seekers to pick up hiders and bring them to a Capture Zone or throw them off the nearest cliff. Seekers can't be completely eliminated until the final phase and can change heroes at any time during the first three phases by holding Interact.

Escaped Hiders
Escaped Hiders are hiders that have reached a Safe Zone and regained their normal size and stats. Like the seekers, the escaped hiders can't be completely eliminated until the final phase and they can pick up the regular hiders by looking at them and pressing Interact. Unlike the seekers they have a special ability that allows them to make a regular hider invisible by crouching while carrying them. They can also free captured hiders from Capture Zones by picking them up and moving them out of the zone. The hiders will need as many escaped hiders as possible if they want to have a chance to beat the seekers.

When a regular hider is eliminated they become a ghost. Ghosts appear as white spheres that can fly through walls. Their goal is to help their surviving teammates by distracting the seekers. Luckily they have several very distracting abilities. All of the ghost abilities share the same cooldown.

Ghost Push
The ghost push has a short cooldown and moves the seeker a little. It usually doesn't do much, but it can get annoying if several ghosts can aim well enough to use it as fast as the cooldown allows.

Ghost Stun
The ghost stun has a longer cooldown and attacks three times in a row. Each attack applies a short stun and forces the seeker to drop a hider if they were carrying one.

Ghost Slow
The ghost slow has a long cooldown and significantly slows the seeker for several seconds.

The Phases

Hide and Yeet has 4 phases. Each phase provides a new goal for the hiders and seekers.

The Hiding Phase
During this phase the hiders have to find a place to hide before the seekers are released. Nobody can actually be eliminated during this phase. Even if a hider jumps off the map they'll just respawn. The hiders have increased move speed and jump height during this phase.

The Seeking Phase
The seekers are released in this phase. Their goal is to eliminate or capture any hider they can find. The seekers can't be eliminated during this phase and the regular hiders don't do much damage anyways, so they'll have to stay hidden to get past this phase.

The Escape Phase
Several green Safe Zones marked by a green lightning bolt spawn at the beginning of this phase. The Safe Zones power up any hider that manages to reach one and makes it impossible to completely eliminate them until the next phase. These escaped hiders can then go back and help other hiders including captured hiders reach the Safe Zones without any risk of being permanently eliminated. This can quickly become a problem for the seekers, so they want to keep the hiders from reaching those zones. The phase ends early if every hider has either escaped, died, or been captured.

The Battle Phase
This is the final phase where the escaped hiders fight the seekers. The difficulty of this phase depends on how many hiders escaped. Everyone is visibly outlined through walls and everyone can be eliminated. The seekers also move a little slower during this phase. After this phase starts the escaped hiders can still free captured hiders and bring them to the safe zones, but it's much riskier since they can be eliminated. The first team that eliminates or captures everyone on the other team wins!

Other Stuff

  • Kiriko's Swift Step has been replaced with a new ability for hiders, because she can teleport out of the map with ghosts
  • There's a short cooldown after freeing a captured hider
  • In addition to creating ghosts killing a hider also slows the seeker slightly. This stacks up to 25%.
Players | 2 - 12
Categories: Boss Mode, Hide and Seek
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Mauga, Orisa, and 34 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.4.0

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